Veni Infantino Fall 17 – What Can You Expect From The New Collection


We love making our Ronald Joyce brides dreams a reality, but we can’t forget about the glamorous mums wanting to achieve their perfect look for the big day. Our Veni Infantino collection is known for sophisticated and stylish mother of the bride looks, which are flawless and fabulous, without stealing attention away from the bride!

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Our new collection brings you lush mikado. This opulent on trend fabric is all the rage in bridal, so why not create some stunning designs for all of the dazzling mums. Rich and decadent, our mikado dresses will make you feel effortlessly glamorous.


Sequins sequins sequins! Who said sequins were just for the night?! Sparkling sequin and beaded dresses are a bold statement and can take a day look to the next level and create instant celebratory feel.  Pair with understated accessories and let dress speak for itself.


Pastels are a gorgeous choice for weddings, soft and sweet and ever popular for bridesmaids, decor, cake and much more. Why not embrace the pastel craze in soft tones that are subtle but stunning, try adding bold statement accessories of a deeper hue to really elevate your look.


Ever popular lace is back in our latest Veni Infantino collection, revamped in striking patterns and statement baroque motifs.  Whether you go all out lace or just a touch of the quintessential look, lace oozes sophisticated style.


Structured tailoring, meets flowing chiffon to create a stylish contrast and an overall look that is soft and sophisticated, perfect for the glamorous mum wanting a new take on the classic mother of the bride look.

Structure and chiffon

Simple Ways To Create Two Looks For Your big Day

Simple Ways To Create Two Looks For Your big Day

The big day’s coming up and you want to rock a different look by day and by night but don’t want the hassle of a complete outfit change, we’ve got you covered.

Add a gorgeous statement jacket or a bang on trend cape to your daytime look to add a chic, regal feel to any gown and really elevate your ceremony look. Remove the jacket or cape ready for the reception and your look is totally revitalised, your guests will notice different elements of your dress and the compliments will keep flowing.


Longing for gorgeous long sleeves for the ceremony, but short want short sleeves for the evening so you can dance the night away? Our fall 17 collection has the perfect answer, our gorgeous body suits give you lush sleeves for your day time look, but can be easily removed ready for your reception.


Removable accessories are a simple way to change up your look, swap your simple earrings for a statement pair ready for your evening do. Take it next level with a removal train, the train adds a gorgeous element of grandeur to your gown for your ceremony but can be taken off in the evening, to completely switch up your look.


These simple but effective tips will give you a different look for your day and night celebrations and will keep the wow factor going all day long!

Vintage Style – 1920s Glamour

1920 title image

We adore the glamour and timeless elegance of 1920s style, red lips, sleek stunning curls, the iconic flapper bob and luscious embellishment, we can’t get enough! Are you as in love with all things 1920s as we are and want this to shine through on your big day? We’ve got the perfect dresses to match you gorgeous vintage theme.

Do you yearn for the roaring twenties; go all out 1920s glamour a la The Great Gatsby in high embellishment and lavish fabrics.

Embrace full Gibson girl in 1920s Hollywood fashion, with soft fabrics bringing a delicate femininity and soft crystal embellishment, adding sparkle all pulled together with sultry touches of sheer lace try our gorgeous ‘Rachelle’ 68024 to perfect this look.

Rachele 68024

Or turn up the jazz music and embrace full flapper girl style; embody the epitome of the roaring twenties in extravagantly embellished luxury. Our ‘Ellie’ 69052 gown with its stunning art deco inspired adornment, form fitting bodice, scalloped lace and diamante encrusted plunging neckline is the perfect way to wear this iconic look on your big day.

Ellie 69052

Love the Gatsby vibe, but want to add an edge of modernity to your look, our ‘Hadara’ 69216 gown combines a contemporary fit and flare dress with a gorgeous vintage sheer embellished neckline and capped sleeve to give you the best of both worlds.

Hadara 69216


Mother of the Bride 2016 Get the Look Without Stealing the Day

How can we forget the mother of the bride (or groom for that matter!)  As well as beautiful wedding dresses, Ronald Joyce have a stunning collection for the Mums too. The Veni Infantino collection uses classic tailoring combined with luxurious materials, creating sophisticated and stylish looks, but without stealing the attention away from the bride! Bringing a classic look up to date with stylish designs, floaty and luxe materials materials and modern touches, there are some fabulous dresses and jackets to suit the most stylish and elegant of mothers.

Lace continues to be incredibly popular, not just in bridal fashion, but through the wider fashion and wedding world and who says the mother of the bride can’t wear lace too. We have several beautiful lace designs and this   is one of our favourites. A classic cut and style, with a satin underlay, this lace dress is stylish and modern, but won’t outshine the bride.


If a slightly more tailored look is required then look towards a similar style to this dress . It’s a modern twist to a classic cut dress and jacket. We think it looks stunning in a pale blush colour and is perfect for a summer wedding. The jacket that comes with this beauty really makes the outfit stand out and works so well for a more formal wedding. Structured and classic in style, it adds a sophisticated touch to proceedings and we adore it in navy, as shown on the website.


We also offer slightly more relaxed and floaty dresses, so if the wedding happens to fall in mid-summer, when it is hopefully a hotter temperature, slightly softer and less fitted styles may suit. Beautiful floaty chiffon skirts appeal and paired with a shorter jacket still maintain that sophisticated elegance, whilst being a little less formal. Dresses such as this would be perfect, the cap style, shorter sleeves add a touch of playfulness to the dress, whilst with the jacket captures a little more formality – ideal for that cover up needed for a church ceremony or for those cooler nights.


No matter what your style and preference, we really do have some stunning mother of the bride dresses for you. Classic, sophisticated and stylish but with a modern and luxe touch, take a look at what we have to offer and we have no doubt there will be something that you love.

Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

Perfect Wedding Dress for your body shape

We all have visions of what wedding dress we would like, but do you think about what the perfect wedding dress for your body shape would be? That is where we can help! We pride ourselves on providing a range of styles and shapes that will flatter any bride, no matter what your body shape.  There are 7 main types of body shape; Hourglass, Rectangle, Petite, Apple, Pear, Full Figured and Inverted Triangle. No matter what your body type we have something to suit every bride.


Curvy hourglass figures can suit most dress types, but the best suited are the A-Lines, Mermaid and Ballgown styles. Ballgown styles add the wow factor and a dress like the Adrianna won’t disappoint.


If you are rectangle in shape, opt for a Column style dress , like our Esmae or Jamesina or one with an empire line.


Petite ladies, like rectangle ones suit less fussy styles and ones that won’t drown you in material. Empire dresses, similar to the Olivia and Column dresses are most flattering.


An A-Line dress works well on your body shape, as does an empire line – the material skims over your middle and doesn’t cling where you don’t want it to. Look to dresses similar to Abigail for the ultimate flattering style.


For those that have slightly bigger hips, head to a dress like a Ballgown or even Mermaid, such as the Estee. Dresses with a larger bottom half can flatter bigger hips and with the mermaid, the material area around the lower legs balances the hips.

Full Figured

We love to see fuller figured ladies in Ballgown or Princess dresses, like Eadie. A Line is another style that works well and is the most flattering style on most body shapes.

Inverted Triangles

Look for a style that balances out a larger shoulder. Dresses in a Ballgown or Mermaid style would work well and give you a beautiful silhouette.

You may still have a certain style of dress that you love, but if you have an idea of what may be flattering and what the wedding dress for your body shape will be then hopefully when you head to then boutique to try on those wedding dresses, you will impress the boutique assistant with your knowledge!

Don’t Fall For Counterfeit Wedding Dresses. It Could Ruin Your Day

Don’t Fall for Counterfeit Wedding Dresses. It could ruin your day

You’ve seen and tried on your perfect dress, but you’re wondering if you can spend that much money on one dress, that you will wear on one day of your life. You’re wondering if you can find similar online for less money. Stop right there! Any dress you find that is like your one but cost less is most likely a counterfeit wedding dress. Not only is it hugely unethical, it is likely that if you were to order, it is nothing like the original and you would be wasting your precious money. Besides, you want the whole experience of dress shopping to be an enjoyable and romantic one, not one of disappointment and horror. Take a look at the below points to help you guide you in the right direction.

Price: The likelihood of finding that bargain designer dress online is in reality not such a bargain. It is almost bound to be a counterfeit dress and yes, it really is too good to be true!

Website, Address and Company Details: Have a good look through all the website and check addresses and details. Do they have them on their, does it seem legitimate? Check for any spelling mistakes and think about how professional the site looks.

Returns Policies: There should be a clear returns and cancellation policy. If it isn’t clear or there isn’t one, it’s something to question and should raise those alarm bells.

Reviews: Always search for online reviews of a seller or online company. You may just stumble across something that will save you a lot of money and time!
Designers work hard to create bridal masterpieces. The amount of time it takes to design and create these wedding dresses cannot be underestimated. Dresses like our Rainelda, Ellen and Electra take hours upon hours to complete. Often there are handmade and intricate details, which take a high level of skill and expertise. This is often reflected in the cost and rightly so. You will get the best quality product and a high level of service when you go to a boutique and have the ultimate wedding dress shopping experience. You do not get that with a counterfeit wedding dress and every bride should experience only the best, don’t let a fake ruin your day.

4 Stunning Lace Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Stunning Lace Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

We’ve all noticed the Kate Middleton effect, ever since the Royal Wedding a few years back. Lace wedding dresses with sleeves seem to be one of the most popular and beautiful wedding dress trends, combining elegance, sophistication and bridal beauty. Lace no longer has the reminder of your grandmother’s curtains and nor should it! It’s a fabulous and striking material and has that timeless bridal quality that will look fabulous in many styles, shapes and tones.

Lace wedding dresses with sleeves also prove flattering on many women, perfect for a church or civil ceremony and ideal in both the cooler and warmer seasons. It’s a classic look that remains popular for many reasons and we have no doubt will continue to do so for many years to come. We offer several fabulous dresses that we just can’t wait to share with you.

Our Alejandra dress is a classic lace fit and flare with ¾ length sleeves. It offers just the right amount of glamour, whilst still maintaining its classic style and quality. Bringing it up to date with an illusion back, one of the key trends this year, it offers several beautiful features and would look perfect on a lady with an hourglass figure.

A romantic choice of dress would fall to our stunning Eiliyah gown. A princess style wedding dress, with delicate lace detailing and ¾ length sleeves, if has a Grace Kelly quality to it. Majestic, sophisticated and truly stylish, it’s a beautifully romantic dress that really is fit for a princess.

If you didn’t want to go all out lace, but keep some of the timeless qualities a lace dress offers, then the Orabella may be the one for you. Combining a lace applique bodice with a tulle skirt, you have a laced top half, complete with sleeves and a slightly more plain, but no less dramatic bottom half. This dress still captures the elegance and beauty of lace but just has a nod to it, without fully covering the dress.

The detailing on Elsie creates a movie star glamour moment when worn. The intricate beading and lace combine brilliantly to add a touch of sparkle and updates an otherwise classic lace dress. The sleeves tone down the slightly sexy and glam feel, so there isn’t too much skin on show, whilst the illusion dress brings it back up to date and offers that modern touch.

Whether it be a classic style or one that is slightly more princess or glamourous, a lace dress with sleeves is one that is so on trend and one that is incredibly flattering and so timelessly beautiful, we know you will adore it as soon as you try one on.

5 Amazing Tips For Your Wedding Dress Fitting

Wedding Dress Fitting

The wedding dress has been found, but the excitement doesn’t have to stop there! Your Wedding dress fitting shouldn’t be just a to-do-task, they can be fun too provided you follow these amazing tips.

1. Be prepared.
The first fitting usually takes place around 6-8 weeks before your wedding day. To get the most from your fitting, bring with you your wedding shoes, lingerie and any accessories. You can see how the dress will fit and what length it needs to be and it’s amazing what difference a heel or different bra can make! Bring a camera too, so you can remember how it looks after you leave the boutique.

2. Bring a friend or family member.
It doesn’t have to be your maid of honour or mum or sister, but have someone that you can trust and knows you well enough, to be by your side and give a second opinion.

3. Don’t be afraid to speak up.
Each fitting usually lasts an hour. The seamstress at the boutique is the expert, but you know your body shape and style. Use the time wisely to move and look at yourself in your dress. Does it fit properly around your waist, chest and hips? Does it bunch or buckle anywhere? Is the colour and style correct? Are the seams and embroidery stitched properly? Is the detailing around the neckline, train and sleeves how you want it? For a dress such as Eva or Ria in the Ronald Joyce Collection, there is a lot of beading on the bodice, so it’s wise to check every single bead is in place and the bodice fits you like a glove. If you don’t like something or want something a certain way, then make it known, now is not the time to remain silent!

4. Further fittings.
These tend to happen a month from the day for a second fitting and a week or so for the final. Bring someone that is going to help you get dressed on the day and ensure that any points raised in the previous fittings have been carried out and you have your perfect dress. Make sure you are all comfortable with how it is fitted, how to bustle if needed and ask what to do with any wrinkles or stains on the day.

5. Enjoy!
Your wedding dress fitting should be a fun experience and one to enjoy every second.

How do you choose a wedding dress?

There are so many elements to bear in mind when answering this question and to be honest it’s an overwhelming thing to have to do it! However, I am going to try and give some basic guidelines that won’t choose your dress for you but will hopefully help you make the best decision for you!
If I am honest, I don’t know how people choose their wedding dress, there is so much to choose from but people do! Every day 1000’s of lovely ladies make the decision on an outfit that they will wear month’s sometimes years into the future!


Spend some time before your appointment and before you meet your mother, bridesmaids, mother in law, the next door neighbour’s cat and whoever else might be coming along and focus on what you really want for you. What do you want out of your dress? How do you want to look and more importantly how do you want to feel?
Focus on your personal style and what flatters your shape and be honest! Who wouldn’t want to look like Keira Knightly in Channel on their wedding day? Chances are though unless you already look like Keira (sorry to say it girls) but it’s unlikely to happen!
Have a list of set questions that you can ask yourself during your ‘try on’ session?

Am I comfortable?

Am I Beautiful?

Am I able to sit down?

Am I able to Dance?

These may sound silly but they are very important questions to ask and remember to ask yourself before you ask the next door neighbour’s cat. It’s very easy to get caught up in a moment particularly when fuelled by 110 voices telling you how amazing you look! (You’re only human after all). I am not at all suggesting you should ignore your friends oohhhhs and ahhhhhs, on the contrary I think it’s very important to speak to your ‘entourage’ about what you’re looking for so that they can help you make the right choices!

If you have a budget then stick to it! If you haven’t thought about a budget… you need to!
Wedding dresses vary quite dramatically in price and knowing what you can and cannot afford will help you focus and more importantly will stop the retailers bringing you dresses that are above and beyond your top line!
This will in turn stop you from falling in love with a wedding dress that your budget doesn’t allow… If that happened no other dress will live up to your expectation and you will be thoroughly disappointed with whatever follows! So, to avoid such misery set your budget and make the retailers aware of what you are thinking!


Do try on as many dresses as you need to!
A wedding dress can look very different on a rail than when it’s on a body, when tried on a wedding dress can transform its shape and feel! So if the silhouette doesn’t look right on the hanger don’t be afraid to give it a try, you might be very surprised with what you find! We often hear statements like ‘I never thought I would want to wear, strapless, beaded, Blush, etc, but guess what?
You can have an idea of what you want but you can also keep your mind open!! You never know what you might find!
On the flip side, trying on lots of dresses can also be tricky! Too many choices can be confusing so it is important that you don’t let yourself be pressured or forced into trying dresses on that you really don’t want to!
Finally if you don’t find your dress on your first visit or at the first boutique then go back another day or pick another authorised retailer or see if there is a trunk show happening nearby that you can attend.
This is the one dress that will be on all your wedding photos, it’s probably the most expensive garment you will ever own and with the love of social media you will be reminded of it forever more… Make sure you give ‘the search’ the time it deserves!


If you love it…. Get it!