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How do you choose a wedding dress?

How do you choose a wedding dress? 

There are so many elements to bear in mind when answering this question and to be honest it’s an overwhelming thing to have to do it! However, I am going to try and give some basic guidelines that won’t choose your dress for you but will hopefully help you make the best decision for you! 
If I am honest, I don’t know how people choose their wedding dress, there is so much to choose from but people do! Every day 1000’s of lovely ladies make the decision on an outfit that they will wear month’s sometimes years into the future! 

Spend some time before your appointment and before you meet your mother, bridesmaids, mother in law, the next door neighbour’s cat and whoever else might be coming along and focus on what you really want for you. What do you want out of your dress? How do you want to look and more importantly how do you want to feel? 
Focus on your personal style and what flatters your shape and be honest! Who wouldn’t want to look like Keira Knightly in Channel on their wedding day? Chances are though unless you already look like Keira (sorry to say it girls) but it’s unlikely to happen!  
Have a list of set questions that you can ask yourself during your ‘try on’ session? 
Am I comfortable? 
Am I Beautiful? 
Am I able to sit down? 
Am I able to Dance? 
These may sound silly but they are very important questions to ask and remember to ask yourself before you ask the next door neighbour’s cat. It’s very easy to get caught up in a moment particularly when fuelled by 110 voices telling you how amazing you look! (You’re only human after all). I am not at all suggesting you should ignore your friends oohhhhs and ahhhhhs, on the contrary I think it’s very important to speak to your ‘entourage’ about what you’re looking for so that they can help you make the right choices! 

If you have a budget then stick to it! If you haven’t thought about a budget… you need to! 
Wedding dresses vary quite dramatically in price and knowing what you can and cannot afford will help you focus and more importantly will stop the retailers bringing you dresses that are above and beyond your top line! 
This will in turn stop you from falling in love with a wedding dress that your budget doesn’t allow… If that happened no other dress will live up to your expectation and you will be thoroughly disappointed with whatever follows! So, to avoid such misery set your budget and make the retailers aware of what you are thinking! 

Do try on as many dresses as you need to! 
A wedding dress can look very different on a rail than when it’s on a body, when tried on a wedding dress can transform its shape and feel! So if the silhouette doesn’t look right on the hanger don’t be afraid to give it a try, you might be very surprised with what you find! We often hear statements like ‘I never thought I would want to wear, strapless, beaded, Blush, etc, but guess what? 
You can have an idea of what you want but you can also keep your mind open!! You never know what you might find! 
On the flip side, trying on lots of dresses can also be tricky! Too many choices can be confusing so it is important that you don’t let yourself be pressured or forced into trying dresses on that you really don’t want to! 
Finally if you don’t find your dress on your first visit or at the first boutique then go back another day or pick another authorised retailer or see if there is a trunk show happening nearby that you can attend. 
This is the one dress that will be on all your wedding photos, it’s probably the most expensive garment you will ever own and with the love of social media you will be reminded of it forever more… Make sure you give ‘the search’ the time it deserves!

If you love it…. Get it! 


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