Have you always wanted to know what happens at one of our bridal photoshoots? Well, read on as we share with you the story of our latest shoot…

Earlier this year, after months of planning, we jetted our new collection of gorgeous gowns over to Spain to shoot at our top-secret location. We chose Spain as our location this year for the sunlight, beautiful back drops and long sunlight hours to maximise the time for our shoot. Our art director had sourced and visited plenty of different locations to find the perfect spot, whilst back in England our designer Veni was busy looking at styling inspiration from hair styles and accessories to shoes, make-up and set ideas.

On day one of the shoot alarms are set for 5am! We arrive at the venue for the Ronald Joyce shoot which is a glamorous Catalan Mansion built in the late nineteenth century. Vans and cars begin to arrive, and equipment and dresses are unloaded before the sun is up. Our models arrive along with our hair and make-up stylist and they get to work over a coffee, fresh bread, pastries and local fruits.

Meanwhile our photographer and stylist walk around the venue looking for great settings to begin shooting in and lights and digital equipment are set up for the first pictures. The dresses are given a final steam and the finishing touches are put into place on set. (Click the images to be taken to the final photo!).


Before each dress is photographed there is a touch up of make-up, hair is set into place, the gown is checked and the train laid out behind the model. There is a sweep up of leaves and then the camera rolls…

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It may sound all very glamourous, but we will let you into a little secret… there were plenty of blankets on hand and a few heaters too! As our model changes into the next dress the team gathers around the screen to check the images and any adjustments are made to the set, lighting or model’s hair and make-up. Each dress is photographed from the front, back and a close-up of any details such as the beaded bodice or addition of detachable sleeves or over skirts. As the day goes on we photograph more than 20 dresses!

We break for a late lunch around 4pm and take time to reflect on the day. Our beautiful model gets a break from the sky-high heels and we decide that as the sunlight is fading to bring the shoot inside for the rest of the day.


The day ends at 7:00pm and there are early nights all round ready for a second day of shooting!

To see how the photographs turned out visit our latest Ronald Joyce Collection page.