For the second part in our behind the scenes series we invite you to look behind the scenes at our Victoria Jane photoshoot. Our Victoria Jane Collection is made up of modern classic bridal gowns in lighter fabrics and less embellishment than our signature Ronald Joyce Collection.

This season we took our beautiful bridal gowns to Spain where we had tracked down a beautiful residential property consisting of 4 buildings dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries as well as a defence tower from the sixteenth century with views of the sea. It was chosen for not only beautiful grounds, but the rustic interiors, orchard and terraces upon which to shoot.

After another early start the team is on set before sunrise. We are greeted by the lovely homeowner who sets us down by the large open fire with cups of coffee. The gowns are brought inside to be steamed whilst the models are styled, and the team scouts out locations to shoot and lights are set up.

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We take over the rabbit warren of rooms and corridors and set up our hair and make up station, dressing room, steaming room, tech room and all important coffee and snack station to keep our 8 strong team going through what will be a 14 hour day.

By 9:30am we begin shooting outside by the huge wooden gates at the entrance of the property, before moving to the corner terrace in the garden which is a lovely little suntrap with columns overhead, terracotta railings, tiled floor, rustic tables and chairs with potted plants. There is also a pond and fountains which makes a great setting for our photos.

a6870217-4727-4b4c-99e8-095bbbc9f6bb IMG_2110


Between dress changes there is also time for videos and creation of Boomerang posts ready to go live on our Instagram channel when the collection is released to the public in the Summer months.

As the sun was setting, we moved up to a high terrace over an old barn to make the most of the light before having to move inside. The whole crew is wowed by graffiti on the wall from the 1700s!

IMG_2166 IMG_2173


After refuelling with a late lunch of fresh pizza from the village pizza over we head indoors to combat the fading light and the cold… it may look sunny but it is only 12 degrees and the crew is now in hats, gloves and scarves with our lovely model popping a dressing gown over the wedding dresses between the takes.

IMG_2238 IMG_2022

By 6pm we call it a day and everyone packs away in a hurry to return to the hotel for some rest… call time tomorrow is 6am so another early start is ahead for everyone and another 18 dresses must be shot tomorrow.


To see how the shoot turned out visit our latest Victoria Jane Collection page.