Exclusive with Award Winning Designer: Veni Infantino

Veni Infantino is an award winning designer and the legend behind the Veni Infantino occasion wear, Ronald Joyce, Victoria Jane and Sofia Bianca bridal gowns. She is absolutely fabulous! 
Having worked in the industry for 35 years she joined the company 20 years ago inspiring forward thinking outfits that have shaped the industry. The occasion wear collection that Veni is about to launch is one of the strongest collections so far. 
Feast your eyes on more dresses, prints and the new destination and 'invitation' collection that Veni is introducing this season. We bring you an exclusive interview with the amazing designer herself to talk about her work and what inspired her. 

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Tell me about what inspired you to launch a Destinations collections.

When I was doing designer days around the country I noticed that there were many women requesting dresses for weddings abroad. 
Realising the trends, I decided to come out with a collection for those mothers who are traveling abroad. I wanted to rise to the challenge of designing a product suited for any woman of any shape or size that could be flattering and still light enough to wear in a hot climate.

What can people expect to see in your Invitations Collection that you are launching?

A collection that is understated. These designs are aimed at a mother-of-the-bride who wishes to stay simple and classy or maybe even a guest at the wedding. 
It’s filled with softer fabrics, cleaner lines and much much lighter in weight. It’s simple yet very chic and isn’t limited to just a wedding but perhaps Ascot, a Gala, charity event or a summer drinks party. 
I wanted people to be inspired by what they saw. 

What can you say about your designs as a whole this season?

We’ve mixed colours that don’t normally sit together to create a different look and give more options. 
Colours like cerise and pink, turquoise and pink and plum and pink.  We’ve introduced a lot more dresses and there is something for everyone! 
We’ve used much softer fabrics and colorful prints and some really unusual shapes for the more modern mother-of-the-bride. I wanted to make a collection for younger mums. 
I want people who buy the clothes to feel young, modern and stunning in them. When they slip into the dress, to have that sudden amazing feeling of when you wear a couture dress. 

So there you have it! You won’t want to miss the new collection which is full of new designs for you to try and look your best in. 

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