Behind the Scenes

Welcome to behind the scenes of the Veni Infantino photo shoot. We want to take you on a journey and let you in on what goes on backstage at our seasonal photo shoot and how you can create the look!

The energy is vibrant, the laughs are roaring and the music is pumping.  The set is painted in spring tones that correlate with the collection and the plethora of jewellery is oh so fabulous! Models arrive and head straight to hair and make up where our styling team set to work to make them look even more gorgeous.  Shoes and accessories arrive and are neatly layed out and color co-ordinated by our stylist.

The photographer and her assistant prep the set which consists of blocks in various shapes and sizes to add depth to the photos.  Light shades are then placed which will illuminate all the right angles and features of the designs and models. Behind the editing table sits the designer herself! Veni chooses photos that go to print as we go and oversees all accessorizing decisions.  The models are ready, the photographer prepares the camera whilst the lights switch on and the creative team are at the side of the set for hair and make up touch ups.


hair set.jpg

       make up set.jpg



Get the Look: 

We bring you all the hottest tips and tricks to look as glamorous as our girls!


Make Me Up

Start with your eyes and that way you can clean up any spills on the face after. The eyes are made up similar to a classic smokey eye. Use a black khol pencil in the inner corners of the eyes, water line and top line. Apply cream brown eye shadow on the lid adding a powder based eye shadow which gives more of an intense look. If you’d prefer a less dramatic eye, use a light powder based eye shadow and finely line the eyes with your eye liner which is a great look for summer. Curl your lashes and add two coats of mascara. 

Use mac studio fluid to give the natural shade that leaves a gorgeous glow on the face. The hourglass palate has quite a few highlighters which highlight the cheekbones and adds a brilliant blush too, enhancing that radiant glow. 

For your lips use a nude lip line and blend into the lips, complete with a pink lipstick to gloss into the lips. 

For a final touch to give a shimmer to your body, add Palmers body shimmer which will give your skin a sun kissed glisten. 


model hair make up.jpg        model make up.jpg



Hot Hair 

Begin by blow drying your hair smooth. Tong your hair all the way through with a fat curler to get a bit of a wave. Section off the back and put into a low pony tail and thread through a bun ring, leaving the front section loose. Cover the bun ring from the pony tail, smoothing it into place and clipping it in with grips. Pop your fascinator or hat on and use the front section you have left out to cover the band and pin it back into the bun. Finish off with hairspray to give a firm hold for the rest of your day! 
























Products Used:

Urban Decay Naked 2 


Naked 2.png














Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation


Mac Studio Fluid Foundation .png






















Hourglass Ambient highlighter


Hourglass Ambrient Lighting Palette .jpg















Silhouette Mousse Super Hold 500Ml By Schwarzkopf


Silhoutte Mouse.jpg















Silhouette Hairspray Super Hold 750ml By Schwarzkopf


silhoutte hairspray.jpg