Your Hair and Skin Type

Possibly the most obvious and easy to forget. When it comes to choosing your hairstyle and makeup look, it’s best to keep in mind what you’ve got to play with. The length and texture of your hair may lend itself to certain styles more than others. Similarly, your skin type will inform your makeup choices. Consult a professional to find what they think will work best for you and flaunt your best features.

Your Color Scheme

Using your wedding colour palette to inspire your look can really bring everything together. Incorporate the various hues you’ve selected for your wedding day into your hair and makeup. If purple is your accent colour, consider a muted violet smoky eye to match or if you’ve opted for a garden theme, keep your hair and makeup in the vain of a natural beauty look and add some flowers and leaves into your hair.


Your Dress

Your wedding gown will be the biggest informant of your beauty look. What you’re wearing can serve up plenty of inspiration. Here are some things to consider: the neckline, shape, material, colour and formality. All these things will help clue you in on how to style your hair and make-up to ensure the look comes together.

Your Venue

If you’ve already picked your venue, your wedding hair and make-up can easily be based on your decision. The setting can determine what bridal hair and makeup look might work best for example beach waves with a natural bronze glow will be a fabulous look for a beach wedding. A formal ballroom venue will be yearning for an elegant hairstyle such as a sleek updo. Match the drama of the venue by opting for a bold makeup look think: a statement lip or a smoky eye. It’s also important to consider the weather. If it’s going to be humid, an updo might be the best call, whereas crisp outdoor weddings might be the perfect occasion for a beautiful blowdry.


Your Personal Touch

The key thing to remember is that this is your wedding day and no one else's. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident and most importantly like yourself. If you have a signature lip colour, hairstyle or even accessory that makes you feel beautiful no matter what, start with that one thing and work your look around it. You will want to look and feel yourself, so if you don’t usually wear make up… you don’t have to! It is your day.

For more beauty inspirations take a peak at our gorgeous models who are styled by top make-up and hair stylists for our photoshoots. You can also find more wedding tips and tricks on our Ronald Joyce Blog.