Though it may be your daughter’s big day, there’s no denying that some of the pressure falls on the shoulders of the Mother of the Bride. It can be truly difficult to help find the dress that allows you to look elegant and beautiful while allowing your daughter to take centre stage. This is why Ronald Joyce has put particular effort in assembling a collection of Mother of the Bride outfits to help give you more options.

Tailored a Cut Above

Veni Infantino is world renowned for Mother of the Bride and evening wear that help add a sense of class and bespoke uniqueness to your look. One of the main factors that the collection brings is a look of tailored perfection making classic looks fit you all the better. The 991361 is one of the best showcases of this appeal, with a gorgeously fitted crepe dress and lace appliquéd bodice matched by a ¾ length sleeved jacket that adds a sense of profile and refinement to the outfit.


Dare to Fascinate

Headwear is an important component of Mother of the Bride outfits as well. A tradition that has been in place for decades, if not centuries, the right hat or fascinator helps you add a touch of expression and uniqueness to even the most conventional and safe outfits. The 991381 shows a perfect example of a classic design, the jersey dress, being heightened with the right selection of matching hat. Many of our outfits are displayed with a matching fascinator to help you get an idea of how to best choose an accessory that allows for a little more expression while keeping the look consistent across the outfit.


Complement the Hue of the Day

One of the most important aspects of getting your look right is complimenting your daughter and the bridesmaids. While your look should be set apart, it should be set to complement rather than clash with the hue of the day. For instance, if your daughter is wearing a blush or champagne dress, then a warmer look like the 991313 in Rose/Ivory makes for a perfect match. There’s no set rule that you have to match your daughter’s colour exactly, but a little cohesion goes a long way to help you fit the look of the day.


Expression is key

Mothers of the Brides aren’t quite as constrained by tradition or convention as some brides feel. You are more than welcome to incorporate metallics, jewel tones, and darker colours in your dress if they better fit the look of the day. Similarly, trouser suits are a common occurrence in modern Mother of the Bride outfits. 991320 is a good look at how a fitted chiffon trouser look can help you maintain a gorgeous cut even if you’re not fond of the idea of wearing a dress or skirt on the big day.


It’s going to be an emotional and a tiring day as you watch your daughter get married. With some of the tips and selections from our collection, however, you can ensure that you look the picture of elegance and composure throughout the day.