White may be the traditional option, but bold brides from all over have long decided and discovered that it’s not the only one available. In most cases, many tend to choose an off-white colour to help display their personality. Blush may once have been the “go-to” colour for bridesmaid dresses, but many brides are finding the colour lets them add a touch of romance, warmth and delicacy to their look.

Shades of Intimacy

One of the most immediately noticeable elements of a blush dress is the sense of delicacy and intimacy that the colour adds when contrasting to the skin. More tasteful than other pink shades, with a lighter and purer look than ‘champagne’, dresses like Lady in our Victoria Jane collection show off this aspect best of all.

This intimate side of blush dresses works perfectly with beaded, embroidered bodices and mirage sleeves that give just the faintest dazzle that brings those tones to life.


Touches of Warmth

One of the reasons that more women are choosing to express themselves with blush dresses is because they add a touch of warmth to the look, too. While white dresses may be associated with light, sacredness, and purity, some do find them a little too cold or lifeless for their tastes. A good contrast with your own skin tones can help, but a warmer colour can solve that issue entirely.

A good example of this kind of dress design is the Hanne. Part of our Ronald Joyce Home Collection, it mixes in light gold elements to give it an overall warmer, more comforting appeal. A ball gown design and pleated skirt help give a more endearing light to those brides who want to express that warmth and care in their aesthetic.


Flashes of Colour

For bolder brides, part of the appeal lies in the simple ability to add a little more colour to their dress for a modern memorable look. If you’re looking to make something of a break with tradition while still looking elegant and gorgeous, take a look at the Hazel, part of our Ronald Joyce Home Collection.

Light tints of blush help bring the ivory silhouette to life, while a dash more colour in the fishtail design really adds personality and stopping power to the dress. This is a perfect example of how a little contrast between the skirt and the rest of the dress can heighten the impact of both, creating a compelling look rather than one that has to be strictly consistent.

There are both modern and classic designs making better use of blush nowadays. You can add a little warmth and intimacy to traditional looks, or create an aesthetic that’s all your own, pushing the boundaries and turning heads as you do.

A blush dress allows you to look a little outside the box while still maintaining the light and pristine appeal of a wedding dress. Take a closer look at our collection for a range of dresses available in off-whites that can help you express yourself, your way on your day.