Choosing your bridesmaid dresses can be a tricky business. Your fabulous ladies will be standing by your side on one of the biggest days of your life and if they are in a gorgeous gown that makes them feel just as gorgeous, they will be smiling all day. Here are some top tips on how to pick the perfect gowns for your girls.

Location of Wedding

This may seem obvious but considering your location will help you choose your bridesmaid dresses. If at the beach a light, floaty chiffon dress would be perfect and if you are having a winter wedding it will be important to make sure your bridesmaids aren’t freezing, sleeves and high necklines would be great choices. You can always accessories with a shawl or pashmina or evening matching coats and jackets. If your wedding is abroad you want dresses that are easily packed into cases and will travel well, without the need for steaming. 


It will be important to ensure that your bridesmaids dresses not only match your theme, if you have one, but also with each of their individual skin tone. A colour that might compliment one of your bridesmaids might not the other so bear that in mind when choosing your dresses.


Much like colour, your chosen style may not suit everyone. Ensure that each bridesmaid has tried on the gown before you purchase.

Two teenage bridesmaids stood in a posh garden. One has long dark brown hair and one has long blonde hair. Both wear dark green long bridesmaid dresses with sweetheart necklines


One amazing way to individualise your ladies’ dresses, even though they may all be wearing the same dress, is by opting for different necklines that flatter each of your bridesmaids’ figures. It’s a great way to keep their dresses in line with your theme but also make them feel special.


Setting a time limit is of paramount importance, how many shopping trips do you have time for? How many shops will you see and when can you get everyone together for appointment? Think about where is convenient to meet for all your girls as you may have people coming from far and wide, what are the local stores like and what do they stock, or will you need to travel? Could you have a look around first and chat to the girls about their expectations? Will you be footing the bill for everything, or do you expect the girls to help cover costs? Ensure a budget and who is paying is all decided before you begin!

For a Ronald Joyce designer gown, it will take 3-4 months for them to be made and delivered, and of course you may need alterations from a seamstress to get that perfect fit!

Two teenage girls stood by a gate in long turquoise bridesmaid dresses.  One has long brown hair and wears a halterneck style and one has long blonde hair and wears a strappy dress

You First

Although we are sure you are eager to make sure your bridal party is as settled with their attire as you are, remember that you are number one! Make sure to choose your dress first as this will help inform your decision of what you want your bridesmaids to wear.


Your ladies have helped you through it all, so listening to their suggestions will also encourage you to make a decision that makes everyone happy, including yourself!

For bridesmaid dress inspiration check out our bridesmaid collection. Dresses come in a variety of colours, lengths and necklines to cater to whatever style of dress you have in mind. Our authorised retailers will be able to provide colour swatches to help you make your decision.