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Wedding dress shopping is, without a doubt, an emotional process. Naturally, you want to ensure that the dress you select is not only perfect for your size and shape, but that is also guaranteed to bring your future spouse to tears as you make your way down the aisle.

That’s why it’s important to pick a dress design that is like something out of a fairy tale and brings you to tears whenever you see it. So bearing that in mind, below are eight wedding dress videos (and wedding gown ideas) that are sure to bring you to tears everytime that you watch them.





1. ‘Our Wedding Video!!!* Vows To 4 Year Old Daughter’ (WATCH NOW): 

This video features a beautiful form fitting wedding gown designed in a lace-like style, similar to the Victoria Jane by Ronald Joyce.

2. ‘Our Wedding’  (WATCH NOW): 

Showcasing a beautiful halter neck, princess-style gown, this wonderfully romantic video is incredible - the shots atop a hill in the wilderness really highlight the minimalist beauty of the gown. To recreate this look, one of the Halona by Ronald Joyce is perfect.

3. ‘Possibly the most EMOTIONAL wedding video you'll EVER watch’ (WATCH NOW): 

With the bride wearing a gorgeous sweetheart neckline gown, similar to the Nellie by Ronald Joyce, this wedding is truly beautiful and it really will bring tears to your eyes.

4. ‘A Story Of Love & Loss / Vows Will Make You Cry’ (WATCH NOW): 

Complete with beautiful vows and a tear jerking back story, this is a beautiful wedding video, featuring a gorgeous dress, similar to the Nine by Ronald Joyce.

5. ‘Emotional Christ Centered Wedding // Andrew & Emily’ (WATCH NOW): 

This is an amazing wedding video, featuring a beautiful vintage-inspired lace dress, and a romantic story unlike any other. To recreate the bride’s look, Heather by Ronald Joyce could be a perfect match.

6. ‘A Christ Centered Wedding // Dana and Tanner’ (WATCH NOW): 

In this lovely video, the bride wears a gorgeous fit and flare dress, complete with some beautiful embellishments. To recreate this look, Ronald Joyce’s Nicolette design is perfect.

7. ‘Amanda & Jacob Wedding’ (WATCH NOW): 

A beautiful snowy wedding, this video features a truly unique wedding day. The bride wears a gorgeous ball gown style dress, complete with lace and sequin embellishments, and sleeves of course, due to the cold weather, like the Nikki by Ronald Joyce.

8. ‘Bride runs to her groom! Emotional wedding video full of laughter and tears’ (WATCH NOW): 

The gown that the bride wears in this video is beautifully crafted. It’s stylish, pretty, and perfectly fitting. If you love the ball gown style look, complete with lace, then you will love Ronald Joyce’s Honesty design.

There you have it, your guide to eight of the top wedding dress videos that will make you cry. 


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