Beach Babes…Bring It On!

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A beach themed wedding is the ultimate all year round location.  Nothing beats a gorgeous sunset, the sound of the ocean waves accompanying your wedding playlist.






Blog Covers (2).pngBeautiful Dress…check. Beautiful hair…well of course! Your dress sets the scene, your jewelry accessorizes the look and your hair is the finishing touch. Whatever gown you’ve picked has your own personal style added to it because it’s yours.





Exclusive with Award Winning Designer: Veni Infantino

Blog Covers.pngVeni Infantino is an award winning designer and the legend behind the Ronald Joyce, Victoria Jane, Sofia Bianca bridal collections and the hugely popular occasion wear collections, Veni Infantino and 'Invitations'.





A behind the scenes access to our new season photo shoot

Photography team.jpgWelcome to behind the scenes of the Veni Infantino photo shoot. We want to take you on a journey and let you in on what goes on backstage at our seasonal photo shoot and how you create the look!




Untitled design (5).pngWe know it’s all about the gown but lest we forget the jewels and gems that can make or break your look. Fear no more…we’ve brought you the top tips to help you best accessorize your dress.





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