We love to see how new bride accessorise and personalise their wedding day, with all manner of items, from headbands to gloves and earrings, the possibilities are endless. Everybody wants to make their wedding outfit their own and the best way to do this is with an accessory. A simple set of gloves or statement headband can change an entire look. We have put together a list of the top trends for accessory in 2023 to help you decide which will be the accessories for you.  


Belle of the Ball Gold Rhinestone and Pearl Headband

One accessory trend that everyone loves and never seems to disappear, is to wear pearls on your wedding day. This can be in the form a necklace, earing, headbands, the list is limitless.

Pearl have been used as bridal accessory for centuries. The ancient Greeks believed that pearls were tears shed by Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. Because of this, people started to give brides pearls on their wedding day to prevent tears, and to increase the chances of a successful marriage. Others believe that pearls symbolise purity, love, and truth.

Pearls can be added to any form of an accessory, which is why they are a favourite for most brides, mixing tradition and modern style together.

Statement Earrings

d761b70e-a654-4ea4-8011-96d65eb06299 Beautiful Pearl Headband with Emerald Detail Earrings for Bride

Many brides feel that one of the main accessories that they are in search for are earrings after they have brought their dream wedding dress. Bridal accessories and jewellery are needed to complete any bridal style, even those with a more simplistic taste. Earrings can be the item that can tie a lavish dress together with a simpler veil or can be the little bit of sparkle on a simpler style bride. Earring’s can also be a small statement of the bride’s personality, allowing her to feel confident whist still staying with tradition.  

There is a wide range of earring types to consider when picking the perfect match for your wedding dress. The most popular styles include studs, chandelier earrings, drop and dangle designs. Depending on the neckline of the dress, it can affect which earrings would suit best. We recommend that’s brides should look for more statement dangle earrings or hoops when buying a dress with a lower or off the shoulder neckline. Whereas a simple stud may be more suited to a higher neckline.

Capes and Jackets

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If you would like something a little different with the embellishment for flowers or pearls, why not try a cape. Bridal capes may not be a new trend, but they keep increasing in popularity every year, and it’s easy to see why. 

These beautiful additions to a wedding day outfit brings some heightened drama to the overall look, such as our Sahara full length pearl cape. This may be because a cape can bring an unexpected touch of drama, meaning no matter the style, capes bring an air of majesty to your big day. If you are having a forest wedding and wants a little bit of a flare, why not try Sienna’s floral cape with train.


If capes are not your thing and you still want a bit of a dramatic flare or a little cover up in the ceremony, a sheer jacket might be perfect. This modern accessory has found its popularity in recent years and brides are loving it. 69830 is an organza jacket with a tie belt and is a perfect example of a fashion forward accessory which is ideal if you wants a cover up for the ceremony without taking away from the dress.


14 Beautiful Wedding Gloves to Adorn Your Hands The Tess Vow Gloves as Seen on Brides_com  Hand Embroidered - Etsy

For your wanting something a little different to accessory your wedding look, maybe a delicate pair of gloves might be well suited. A great wedding glove is meant to complement and complete your dress with the perfect touch of unmistakable sophistication and charm. 
Wedding gloves can be produced with many fabrics and are seen as an elegant attention. 

One style which we have fallen in love with is the simple silk tulle, open finger tulle glove, embroidered with the brides vows. This has created a touching and very personal accessory which we just can’t get enough off.


Bridal Headband _ Ivory Scrunchie Headband _ Wedding Headband _ Bridal Accessories _ Modern Bride _ Gift For Her _ Cream Hairband bridal pearl headband, wedding headband, beaded head piece, boho headbands, wide, embellished headband, crown, tiara, pearl Accessories

If you’re a bride who doesn’t want to be overcrowded with accessory but still want a little bit a of glamour to elevate the look of your bridal hair, a headband might be the perfect one. For the modern bride, a headband can keep the tradition of a bridal headpiece, but in a contemporary and fashion-forward way. These headbands can come in very different styles depending on what style you are looking for.

From a simple band of pearls to a fashionable headpiece with netting, a headband is definitely an accessory must have. Suiting any style dress, a headband can emulate a tiara which many brides have dream about when thinking of their dream wedding and can help elevate many bridal hair styles. We love a pearl headband and think that they are quickly becoming a bridal favourite. Pearl headbands are classic and refined with chic twist. For a modern bride we suggest a bold plain headband.

We hope that these accessories have helped inspire you on your wedding accessory search and has eased your mind on what accessory are out there

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