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Luxury Flower Girl Dresses

Traditionally brides will choose a flower girl to be a part of her wedding party if any of her bridesmaids have young children, or if the bride or groom has a young niece. Their role is quite simply to look adorable and walk up the aisle with the page boy, before the bridesmaids and bride herself, sprinkling flower petals as she goes. Flower girls will usually wear a white dress different to the bridesmaids’ outfits and bridesmaids will wear the colour of the wedding theme. There is nothing to stop you having more than one flower girl if you have special children in your life. Flower girls are usually aged under 7, children aged 8 to ten years are usually known as junior bridesmaids, or simply bridesmaids.

After much anticipation Veni Infantino has designed a range of beautiful dresses for little flower girls or bridesmaids. These gowns are designed with the bride in mind who wants a perfectly matching gown for her ‘mini me’ and are designed to match perfectly with bridal gowns in our range. These dresses are beautifully designed in layered tulle with lace and floral applique detailing. These dresses and are suitable for children aged 2-12.

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The History of the Flower Girl

The history of the flower girl dates back to Roman times where little girls would often walk with the bride sprinkling gains and herbs in her path to bring luck, prosperity and fertility. In later eras the flower girl has come to symbolise youth and innocence and represents the bride walking from childhood to adulthood and moving from the role of wife to mother.

Flower Girl FAQ

Who should pay for the flower dress?
Traditionally this would be down to the parents of the flower girl, but if you are choosing the outfit and want something specific you might like to offer to pay for the outfit and gift it to them for future use.

What should the flower girl carry?
A flower girl will usually carry a basket or silk pouch of flower petals to sprinkle as she walks down the aisle, but you can choose any alternative like eco-friendly glitter, sweets, bubbles, sequins… it is entirely up to you. If your venue doesn’t wish for your flower girl to scatter anything then you could opt for a nice basket of flowers or a traditional flower hoop which symbolises the wedding rings. Perhaps if your flower girl is young and you are worried about their co-operation then how about a lovely little teddy or dolly to walk up the aisle with so they capture your guests’ attention?

Should we get the flower girl a gift?
It is always a lovely gesture to get a gift or memory of the day. If you are on a budget you could simple get them a lovely framed photo of them all dressed up on your wedding day.

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