We met through tinder, and it was the best swipe right I had ever done. We both had a love for steak, crime dramas and biggest of all Disney! Luke then asked me to be his girlfriend in the June and shortly after in the October I asked him to move in with me.


We went on holiday to Lake Vyrnwy for a nice spa break. We were shown to our room and upon entering I noticed we had a balcony. I over to see the view, which was incredible. I turned to ask Luke to take a photo of me and as I did, he was on one knee asking me to be his wife. I don’t remember what Luke said I just remembering turning round and crying before turning back to Luke patiently waiting for a reply and said Yes!


Since I was a little girl, I can always remember loving everything to do with weddings and often sitting watching Cinderella and dreaming of being a princess one day. We had a few touches to beauty and the beast as this is my favourite Disney film.

Picture6 Picture7

The tables were named after characters, I walked down the aisle to beauty and beast instrumental and the cake had a clear acrylic layer with a sugar rose inside but in white. I knew I wanted a classic wedding look with clean white flowers and décor.


I knew I wanted sleeves and lace detail, kind of like the princesses’ dresses of Disney.

I found by perfect dress at Rowberry in Swansea and feel in love straight away. I picked the gorgeous Dream (69591).


I’ve always loved sleeves due to being very self-conscious of my arms. As soon as I saw the dress, I just loved the lace detail on the bodice, the lace appliqué all the way around the bottom and the shimmer, which looked magic in the light.

It was elegant and classy, with a beautiful beading on the belt. Illusions laced arms detail and a wonderful flowing skirt. The lace detail throughout was outstanding and the added detail bridal buttons were a lovely touch.   

Picture13 Picture9

We decided on a civil ceremony, and it was perfect for us. We got married in the banqueting hall before proceeding downstairs into the lounge areas and games room for the drink’s reception and then onto the knot barn for the evening.


The day went perfectly. We all lined up in the library and the music started at which point the nerves hit. I think I was more worried about face planting the floor on the walk down the aisle than anything, but it was all perfect. Luke was stood at the end of the aisle beaming at me and he was the only person in the room I could see. The vows were over so quickly and before we knew it, we were husband and wife.


Thank you to our amazing photographer Dean Jones, and Emma the florist.  

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