We recently gathered together in London to photograph our latest collection of bridal gowns. We wanted to give you the ultimate sneak peek into what happens behind the scenes on set at the studio. It’s a day where our fabulous dresses come to life which would be simply impossible without the entirety of our creative team who makes the magic happen!

Our shoots are held at a prestigious studio space where our stylish set is created and built after weeks of research and design. As the team arrives the buzz is electric. Hello hugs fly around as everyone is thrilled to see each other again. We are a team that thrives on collaboration. There is a high level of anticipation to get going and let’s be honest…everyone can’t wait to see the new designs up close, meet the models and get to work.

The florist arrives with his talented creations and everyone coos over the beautiful blooms. Our creative director and set-designer spend time placing the flowers on set in different ways to see what works best and everyone has their phones out taking pictures.

Next our specially selected model arrives, she heads straight into hair and make-up where our talented artists set to work to turn her into a glamourous Ronald Joyce bride. A collection of designer shoes arrive and are neatly laid out and colour co-ordinated by our fabulous stylist. She then moves onto to her sparkly collection of accessories and delicately unpacks the gems and jewels and places them on a long accessory table ready to grab them then in between shots.


Our wonderful photographer and her lighting assistant begin to prepare the set. Huge light shades are placed to illuminate all the best angles and features of the dresses and model. Test shots are taken to be certain the lighting is perfect. A last minute addition of a wind machine is requested and it turns up in minutes from the studio’s store.


Behind the editing table sits our award-winning designer herself, Veni Infantino. As always looking as glamourous as ever, she is very hands-on and styles each shot giving her options on angles, model poses and accessories. She chooses her favourite photos on the go and studies then whilst the model changes into the next dress. These images will then be edited being sent to print and added to our website and social media. The day runs like clock-work with everyone working to a running order of dresses.

We break for lunch and all get together around a big table, the model joins us for lunch and yes even she has dessert! We chat with the model about her latest projects and which countries she is travelling to next.

On a shoot you can always guarantee a mix of music on the playlist to keep everyone upbeat. Each time the model steps out of the dressing room we all gush over the gown whether it be the sleeves, the feathers or sparkle. Every gown has something unique and breathtaking! The stylist, hair and make-up artists are on hand to makes sure there is not a single crease on the gown or piece of stray hair out of place. The make-up artist is insistent that our model drinks her coffee through a straw to ensure her lipstick stays in place! We photograph the back of the dress, the front and a close up of each dress so the detail can be seen. Each gown has around 15 minutes in the spotlight as adjustments to lighting and the set and of course laying out the train.

We can shoot anywhere between 8 and 20 gowns in a day, with time between each to get changed, touch-up the hair and make-up or hire in extra equipment. At the end of the day everyone is exhausted, especially our model who has been under the hot lights and in sky-high heels all day… and we are all back in bright and early tomorrow to finish the rest of the collection!

The collection will be available in stores June 2019. You'll be able to find the dresses on our website from the beginning of June.