Focus and Flatter

Every woman has strengths they can accentuate. One of the best ways to do that is to choose a dress which focuses on what you wish to flaunt. If you feel like your arms don’t flatter you, for instance, sleeved options like CINZIA (style 69474) or CLOTILDE (style 69479) can help you narrow the focus a little better. You know your figure best. Focus on your best attributes and you’re guaranteed to take everyone’s breath away.

69474_PL_030.jpg  69479_PL_018.jpg

Embrace Your Best Features

There are no rules saying that wedding dresses can’t make the best use of your curves. There are fantastic ways to accentuate a fuller bust. Dresses like CLEOPATRA (Style 69478) will flaunt your best features while giving you the support you need.


Accessorize Cleverly

Every woman, similarly, has points of their body that they don’t feel as confident with, but you can get creative with options that allow you to gloss over or hide what you don’t like to better focus on areas that you do. For instance, a well-placed sash or brooch can help you draw the eye exactly where you want it. What’s more, patterned fabrics like chiffon and taffetas can skim over parts of your figure you’re not as fond of, creating a more flowing look where you might not want to draw focus. 

Comfort-Above All Else

One of the issues of scaling up a non-plus size dress for a plus size brides is that they simply aren’t built to flatter your curves. The problems of cutting off circulation and making movement difficult are widespread, as a standard dress doesn’t have the give and shape to support a curvier figure. More than anything, it’s important that you are comfortable on your wedding day, so that you can enjoy the magic of every moment. If you’re not comfortable in the fit of your dress, you’re not going to feel confident in it either.

With a dress from our new Ronald Joyce collection you can be sure that your dress will hug your figure in all the right places, without comprising on comfort as this collection has been especially redesigned in the higher size numbers for a fuller figure.

To find your dream Ronald Joyce gown find your local stockist.