There are so many different types of veils that vary in design and length it can seem a daunting task to select the perfect one for your big day. We’ve put together a handy guide to explain the various veil options you may be facing to inspire you to consider which type is your one.

Veil Lengths

The first decision you will be facing is what length of veil you want to opt for. The length of your veil gives an opportunity to completely transform your look. A blusher veil will convey a chic and modern feel while a cathedral-length veil will offer a traditional and dramatic style.

Blusher Veil:

The blusher veil will offer a more modern and updated wedding look with a slightly vintage feel. This style will fall just over your face and end just past the top of your dress, giving you the chance to show the detail of your dress. These veils will tend to be pulled back to reveal the bride, creating an exciting and romantic moment during your ceremony. These types of veils are particularly suited to dresses with plenty of detail as the short length leaves the front exposed.

Explore our Blusher style veils 69330, 69334, 18172 and 18221.

69330_245(1) 69334_102 18157_2091 18221_114(2)

Floor-Length Veil:

A floor-length veil will gently graze the floor and tends to match the length of your wedding gown. The fabric will gently flow down the back of your dress and offer extra volume to the look, an ideal choice if you were a bride torn between a fit and flare and ballgown silhouette.

Chapel-Length Veil:

Chapel wedding veils will fall just beyond the length of your dress, often as a simple single layer. They are designed to sweep across the floor, slightly and subtly extending the train of your gown. These veils can be particularly striking for brides with simple and plain gowns as they add a traditional and bridal feel to the end of the dress.

Examples of chapel-length veil styles include 69615 and 69605.

69602-03-15_1031(1) 69604-05_2821

Cathedral-Length Veil:

If you are looking for a dramatic and regal feel, a cathedral-length veil is the option for you. A cathedral wedding veil will extend beyond the train of your gown and offers a dramatic style when walking down the aisle. Cathedral veils can help to provide a traditional bridal feel to fit and flare and ballgown dresses alike and so a great choice for any bride. They will often come in a variety of styles, both embroidered and plain so you can enhance your wedding look or keep it plain and minimalistic depending on your preference. 

If you like cathedral-length veils you make like styles 69727, 69664, 69545.

69726-69727-6222 69663-69664_4668 (2) 69522_4111

Veil styles depending on your dress style

Your choice of veil may also be dependent on the style of dress you have chosen. We break down our recommended veil styles depending on your wedding dress.

Embellished dress styles

Lady standing next to tree swing in garden wearing princess ballgown wedding dress with cathedral length matching veil

If you’ve opted for a heavily beaded or embellished gown you have two options when it comes to a veil. If you are looking for a regal, princess style wedding look we would recommend a crystal beaded cathedral length veil to give a show-stopping style. The alternative option is to go for a more understated floor-length veil with matching beadwork along the edges of the veil.

Statement back styles

Back image of lady standing in front of window wearing fit and flare wedding dress with floor length bridal veil

Backless and sheer illusion backs are becoming a popular choice for many brides-to-be but pose challenging questions when it comes to a veil choice to match this striking bridal style. In order to demonstrate the beauty of your statement back dress we would recommend a minimalist veil with some light decoration on the edges.

Blusher veils

Simple and minimalist styles

Brides who have opted for a plain wedding dress style may want to use the veil as an opportunity to add detail to the dress. For simple dress styles we would recommend a veil with lace and embroidery detailing on the end to give a touch of elegance that is still in keeping with the minimalist look.

Styles with a long train

When it comes to gown styles with a long train it is recommend that you opt for a cathedral length veil that will extend past the train and ensure the flow of the look isn’t interrupted. A long train and a cathedral veil can create an ethereal, dramatic, and almost regal look for your big day.

Woman standing on street in Barcelona wearing princess ballgown lace wedding dress with long illusion sleeves and plunging v-neckline

Bohemian styles

For those brides who have opted for a bohemian style dress we feel a chapel veil is a great choice. It will give you a whimsical and relaxed feel while also maintaining a traditional style. The length will ensure it is not too unmanageable in the case you are getting married outdoors.

Bride and groom standing outside european villa, bride wears fit and flare wedding dress with matching embroidered veil

We hope this blog has been both informative and inspiring. Browse the full collection of bridal accessories.


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