Shopping without a wedding date or venue

One of the first questions brides are asked when they enter the bridal boutique is when their wedding will be, as the date will usually dictate the gown options that will be best suited to the day. Brides who have a date just months away will have more limited choices as each dress is expertly crafted and made, and so not all can be created in a short time frame. With a date in the diary bridal consultants will be able to best direct the bride towards her perfect dress.  

Equally having a venue booked will also help in the process of choosing your wedding gown. The venue gives indications on what silhouettes and fabrics will work, for example a light fabric and flowing A-line silhouette is more suited to beach or destination weddings.

Changing your body

A common mistake made by many brides is putting pressure on themselves to alter their body shape and size before their big day. Bridal consultants always suggest brides don’t wait until their body conforms so a specific dress type and concentrate on finding a dress that suits their current figure. Ordering a dress size smaller than your current size is also not recommended. The dress should conform to you, and you can always have alterations at a later date to achieve your desired fit.

Having zero expectations

While it is important to keep an open mind regarding the silhouette of your wedding gown, having no idea of what kind of dress you imagine for your big day can cause problems. Take a look through your wardrobe and think about the styles that make you feel most confident and comfortable, this can form the basis of what to look for in terms of style and shape for your wedding dress. Think about the silhouettes that work best on your body type and use this as a basis for the search.

Bringing too many people to your appointment

Tradition dictates that the bride brings her nearest and dearest to her bridal appointment along with her to the dress trying appointment. Many brides look forward to hearing the opinions of their bridal party on her wedding day look to ensure that she selects the perfect one. However, having lots of people at the appointment often causes many issues as the vast and varied opinions of each member of the group make it harder for the bride to make a decision. Multiple opinions can cause the bride to choose the dress that is the favourite of the other people rather than the one she prefers.

Judging dresses on the hanger

Brides can easily fall into the habit of judging styles as unsuitable on the hanger as they make their way through the many options presented to them in the bridal boutique. However, it is important to keep an open mind to styles and to follow the advice of bridal consultants who know what the dress looks like on the body.

Having an unrealistic budget

Lastly, we come to the topic of budget. Failing to finalize the dream dress budget is one of the most common mistakes made by brides-to-be when it comes to the shopping process. Going into the boutique without a set budget can leave brides overwhelmed by the many choices available and more importantly it can lead brides to falling in love with a dress that is over budget. Defining what you can afford allows the shopping experience to be focused and will likely help brides to make decisions more effectively.

Another top tip would be to consider accessories, shoes, and things like alterations within your budget. Allocating spend to these items will further define your budget for the dream dress.

We hope this blog has helped to informed you about the common mistakes that many brides have made when dress shopping. If you feel we might have left something out, why not read some of our real bride stories who have plenty of tips and tricks to help a you before your special day.