With the unusual situation of lockdown, Covid-19 and postponed weddings we know that many brides to be have expressed a worry about their wedding dresses now not being appropriate for their new rescheduled wedding date which has meant a change of season or venue.

Fear not, we have spoken to our expert award-winning wedding dress designer Veni Infantino who has talked us through some examples of altering her wedding dresses designs. So, if you have fallen in love with a design, with the help of a professional seamstress you can create the look you need…

Wilfrida, style 18452 Can easily be altered to add long laces or Mikado sleeves. 


Styles 18458 Wesley, 18462 Winetta or 18464 Wedella can have the addition of lace sleeves if you want to cover up more: 

18458_5067  18462_19023  18464_2506

Style 18460 Wera can also have lace shoulders / cap sleeves added:


Styles 69552 Darcy and 69555 Diva are easy gowns to add sleeves to:

69552_2464  69555_5031

Styles 18465 Whitney and 69559 Dulia are lovely soft plain gowns which would suit the addition of a bolero or fur wrap: 

18465_5968  69559_0319

Many of our gowns are designed to be worn with an overskirt for 2 different looks in one, for example 69560 Doriana has an overskirt 69561 Diomira. Brides love how this means they can change their look from daytime to nighttime.

69560_2173  69561_2067

69568 Doda add overskirt 69659 Driade is another amazing example which completely changes the look:                     

69568_7859  69569_8059

69566 Dahlia has these fun sleeves to add too, perhaps for your first dance!


69571 Denita can be changes from an off-the-should capped sleeve dress to long sleeves for a dramatic look:

69571_7132  69571_7183

We hope this gives you ideas of how you can customise oour gowns in different ways to suit your own taste - just think about this when trying on wedding dresses - keep an open mind and if it doesn't exactly fit your requirements simply consult the store's seamstress.