Hi Helen, how do we find your store? We are located in Whitely Bay. You can find out more about us via our new website www.simplywedbridal.co.uk  or on twitter via @simplywedbridal, Facebook and Instagram.

Do I need to book an appointment, before I visit, if so how? It isn’t compulsory to book an appointment; however, it is preferred so that we can dedicate 100% attention to each individual. Appointments can be booked through the website, over the phone and through Facebook.

Newcastle's Simply Wed Bridal shop sign and window display showcasing four ivory wedding dresses on black mannequins.

What can I expect from my appointment? Undivided attention for the bride and her party, an optional glass of fizz (prosecco or sparkling water) and the boutique to themselves for the hour to browse and try various styles.

That sounds like fun! How many people are in your team? There is myself and the seamstress Wendy from ‘Pinned to Perfection’ is on hand for appointments.

How many dressing rooms do you have? 1 dedicated fitting room with a 2nd for trunk shows.

Newcastle's Simply Wed Bridal’s spacious waiting room complete with glass coffee table, pink rug, cream sofa, cushions, mannequins and wedding dresses neatly hung on a rail

Oh, what is a trunk show?  A trunk show is where we have a weekend dedicated to one designer where we will showcase all their styles so you can get to know the brand and their style and try on their dresses, some of which we don’t usually stock. This is also usually a sneak peak of their newest collection.

What do you love about your store? Everything, it is simple and elegant colour scheme, spacious seating area, bright and cheerful ambience.

What sort of gowns can I expect to find in store and what sells well in this area? A wide variety including A-Line, Trumpet, Ball Gowns and Mermaid in a variety of different fabrics by leading designers. Our preferred supplier is Ronald Joyce. I love the elegance and simplicity of that range and of Victoria Jane.

The dressing room at Simply Wed Bridal in Newcastle complete with gold wall, triptych mirror, grey plush chair and matching curtains, grey carpet and glass light

Why do you love working in bridal? My passion is to give good customer service. The smile on a brides’ face and the look of love in their eyes when they find ‘their perfect dress’ is second to none.

How long will it take me to get my gown? That will vary on whether the bride selects from a new collection or not. Some dresses will be available on the day, if they are ‘off the peg’ others will have to be ordered in and others could take 12+ weeks depending upon the supplier.

Thanks Helen!

Newcastle's Simply Wed bridal shop window display lit up at night to show four ivory wedding dresses on black mannequins