I started dating Marcio back in 2010. Eight years later, we took a trip to the most romantic city in the world, Paris. Marcio suggested that we go to the Eiffel Tower to see the city, which was so beautiful. Whilst I was looking at the sights, I didn’t notice he got down on one knee and proposed. It was a magical moment and one I will never forget. Of course, I said yes.

FM-4 FM-75

We decided that we wanted to get married in Igreja de bugalhos, Alcanena Quinta dom Nuno, Fátima, Portugal. It was the most beautiful location and felt so romantic.


We didn’t have a theme in mind, we just wanted to have a perfect wedding surrounded by family and friends. We planned the whole wedding ourselves, which was hard work but a lot of fun. We made the invitations and the little souvenirs or all our guest, which were so cute.


Looking for a dress wasn’t that hard for me; I had already seen my dream dress on the internet and knew that it was the one for me. The Lena 18169 was the dress of dreams and felt like it was made only for me. The gorgeous, beaded illusion neck was everything I wanted. In the sun the jewel beading sparkled, making the dress look more exquisite.


The rich Mikado material made the dress feel regal and the jeweled belt tide the dress together. It had a timeless elegance, but at the same time felt exuberant. The stunning ballgown train with bridal buttons were magical and made the dress flow perfectly. It was everything I envisioned and the best part, it had pockets!


We got my dream dress from the amazing Ddnoivas. The shop was lovely and all the employees were impeccable. They were helpful and made me feel at ease. I would 100% recommend buying from their store.


 The wedding was perfect, and I loved every minute of it. From the ceremony to the after party, it was all magical. Seeing everyone happy and enjoying themselves really did make the stressful planning worth it.


One of my favourite parts of the wedding would have to be our dance. It’s an unforgettable memory and one I will hold close to my heart. The firework were also magical and were a great end to a magical day.


Special thanks to our amazing photography Fotolux.  


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