Floral wedding dresses have quickly become a bold trend which doesn’t show any signs of going away anytime soon and we are so happy for it. Gone are the days of just ivory and white wedding dresses, with a hint of gold.

In this new era of weddings dress, the trend has been to be seen and stand out, rather than to stay traditional. This doesn’t mean that the timeless ivory wedding dress trends have completely gone away. However, the big and bold wedding dresses have made a grand entrance and are thriving.

The only thing is the concept of 'floral wedding dresses' means different things to different people. Maybe you're picturing intricate lace appliqués. Perhaps you're dreaming of colourful embroidered flowers. It could be that you're imagining yourself in the prettiest of prints.

The good news is our edit of floral wedding dresses covers all of those bridal looks – and more!

From light, romantic gowns for spring and summer weddings to chic long-sleeve designs for chillier months, there's a floral dress of dreams here for you. We've also found some fashion-editor-approved alternative wedding dresses, including chic and short.

         1. Subtle Floral Embroidery: Choose a wedding dress with delicate floral embroidery scattered across the bodice like Yakira or trailing down the skirt like Yasim. This adds a touch of romance without being too overpowering. We feel that Yuma is a perfect blend of subtle floral lace with a fashion-forward design.

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        2. Floral Lace Dresses: Opting for a wedding gown made from floral lace fabric like Zorah. Lace can create intricate floral patterns that look elegant and timeless. This is demonstrated perfectly in Zaynab . The classic yet chic design is perfect for a summer wedding.

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       3. 3D Floral Appliques: Some wedding dresses feature three-dimensional floral appliques like Zula , creating a textured and eye-catching effect. These appliques can be scattered throughout the dress like Zelaina or concentrated on specific areas like the bodice or hem. Veni signature flowers on Kelda and Zamora.

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             4. Floral Print Dresses: For a bolder statement, consider a wedding dress with an all-over floral print like Zuir and Kinley. Floral prints can range from soft and pastel to vibrant and bold, depending on your style and preferences. These prints really invoke a sense for fresh spring, and it’s demonstrated perfectly in Keva.

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              5. Floral Accents: If you prefer a more traditional wedding dress, choose a gown with subtle floral accents, such as a floral sash, belt, sleeves like Yesenia or shoulder embellishments like Yori which features a chic floral motif.

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           6. Bohemian Floral Dresses: Embrace a bohemian vibe with a flowy and ethereal wedding dress featuring floral elements like Popsie and Yordan. Consider a dress with loose sleeves, a relaxed silhouette, and floral details for a whimsical look.

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Floral wedding dresses are a hot wedding trend that shows no sign of cooling, in fact, more and more designers are embracing stunning florals in their latest collections. From barely-there pastel blooms to bold colourful prints; striking floral embroidery to elegant painterly patterns, there's something for every bride's style.

Remember to consider your personal style, wedding theme, and venue when choosing a floral wedding dress. Whether you prefer a subtle hint of florals or a more dramatic look, there are plenty of options to suit your taste and make you feel like a blooming bride on your special day.

We hope that this blog has given you the inspiration needed.

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