We met on a dating website and had our first date in Liverpool. We had a brilliant night and have been together ever since. We just clicked and 7 months later we moved in together.

We have quite a big family, having 8 children and 8 grandchildren together. So, we have one of the most loving and amazing family around us.



We got married in the Malmaison Hotel Liverpool. We decided that we wanted most of our photos to be taken by family & friends even though I had a photographer. I thought it would be more special to have photos taken by my nearest and dearest.



I purchased from Cheshire brides in Frodsham it caught my eye as soon as I walked in but never said anything, as I wanted to keep as open mind. I took three of my stepdaughters and Tony's Auntie Joanne who is now one of my closest friends.

I asked them all to pick a dress and I picked out two that I thought I would’ve liked.  All very beautiful but I just didn't get that feeling that they were the one. One of my stepdaughters Lyndsey said what about this dress that she had seen me looking at in the window before the appointment. I was hesitant about it. The dress was beautiful, but I didn’t think it would suit me as I'm only 5 2", and do not have the perfect figure.

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However, after some encouragement from everyone, I decided to put the beautiful wedding gown, Fernanda on and instantly knew it was my wedding dress. Fernanda was the beautiful. The sweetheart fit and flare was modern and elegant. I felt like a sexy and confident in it. The exquisite bold lace appliques and crystal beads gave the dress a gorgeous bit of glam.



I felt like a million dollars, but I was worried about the sheer sides and Illusion back as I am 53-year-old and didn't think the sheer side panels suited me. Luckily, the seamstress said that she could add a modesty bodice. Thanks to this confident boost I felt absolutely amazing in my dress.

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Something about our wedding which was really lovely, was having all our children and grandchildren together for the first time due to their busy schedules. However, the highlight of my wedding would have to be marrying my soul’s mate, best friend, and my partner. I couldn’t have asked for anything more then that.  We are now looking forward to our Honeymoon in December to New York.


My advice to future brides is go out of your comfort zone. You will be surprised with what dresses suit you and what you will look amazing in.  


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