Where was the venue?

Wentbridge House in Wentbridge, Pontefract which is a historical family home turned into a hotel and now wedding venue. It has 20 acres of beautiful grounds for photos.

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How did you personalise your day?

The theme we went for was rose gold, blush pink with a hint of mint green. I wanted a very glamourous and modern look, so glitter and sparkle played a huge part in our décor.

What was most important for you to have at your wedding?

I love photographs to look back on and capture memories, so having a photographer we knew would do a great job and who we felt comfortable with was a big part of our day. When we met our photographer, Jo Bennett, we automatically clicked with her and knew she was the one we wanted. It also completely felt like fate too, as the day we arranged to meet her, she was doing a pre-shoot at our wedding venue, so we met her there.

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Did you have any idea of what style or shape of dress you were looking for?

I always had in my head a princess dress. I knew I didn’t want anything that was fitted and tight, I wanted a big dress and veil to feel like a princess for the day. I also had a Ronald Joyce dress in my vision as I knew these dresses were the princess and glamourous look I wanted.

Did you try a lot of dresses on before you found the ONE?

I tried a few on, yes. I went from totally plain, to lace and then finally when I saw the dress I picked I knew it was the one. It had the sparkle, elegance and princess bottom I had always dreamt of.

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Where did you buy your dress from?

I got my dress from Hoops A Daisy in Wakefield. The store was so welcoming and beautiful inside. It has a lovely boutique look, which makes you feel glamourous as soon as you walk in. The staff are also brilliant! They offered great advice and made the whole experience very personal as there would be no more than 2 brides in at a time and most times it would be just me and my family.

What dress did you end up choosing?

I went for 'Lacey' from the Victoria Jane Collection.

Who went with you to try on dresses?
Once I had chosen THE ONE, I had my mum, auntie and mother-in-law with me. However, for fittings etc. I had the whole bridal party come for a reveal before the big day.

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Anything else that you would like to share about your day or dress? And any tips for future brides?

I read a lot on wedding groups brides telling other brides how big dresses aren’t practical and are restricting, but they aren’t. If a bride wants to be a princess for the day then just go for it. I was in my dress from 12pm until 2am the next morning and I absolutely loved it. I spent all my evening party on the dance floor and it was no fuss at all. Get the dress you want, not what other people try to convince you is ‘best’.

Also similar advice is that it is your day. Even though you want to please as many people as you can, it will be hard. So, whatever your decision ends up being, make sure it pleases you and your partner, not everyone else. After all, it’s your big day!

Such wonderful advice! For more tips and tricks from real Ronald Joyce brides check out our blog.

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As told to Lucinda Jenkins