Jason and I have always known each other as we are from the same areas. We got together about 10 years ago and have been together ever since. He proposed last June on our family holiday in Aberdovey, Wales, which was very romantic. It quickly became the best trip we had ever been on.

The planning for us wasn’t very stressful as we shared the responsibility and knew what we wanted. I’m such a chilled person maybe to chilled to my mother liking. We wanted a relax boho themed wedding with a fun fair twist. We also wanted more little celebration which we could share, rather than one big day, so we decided to have a three-day celebration, which worked out well for us and meant we could really focus on each guest and enjoy our time, rather than being stressed about every little thing.

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Outfits were a little bit more stressful. Jason didn’t really have his full suit outfit until 2 weeks before the wedding. We couldn’t decide which flower girl dresses our daughter should wear so we brough 5, therefore she wore one each day. The only thing I had probably planned was my hair, my wonderful friend Wendie who runs Gwallt Wendigedig .

When it came to buying my own dress, I didn’t have clue what I wanted. I only went to one wedding shop called bridal boutique in Narberth. Denise the owner is lovely. I tried a lot of different dresses, and they were lovely, but they didn’t feel like me and didn’t fit to the look and the vibe of my wedding. When I told Denise that my wedding would be outside and I wanted a boho feel to the dress, she contacted Ronald Joyce, who got one in especially for me to try on. When I came out in my dress the first time my mum and my mother law both said they were stocked and were at a loss of words. I then knew it was the perfect dress. I choose Ronald Joyce Veni.  I loved everything about the dress. It wasn’t like any that I have never seen before. It was very unique and gorgeous, the beading and lace detail on the bodice was beautiful. The flared sleeve were absolutely gorgeous and fit my theme perfectly. The dress was the perfect dress for an outside garden party wedding.

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We decided to have a three-day wedding day! First day was at the register office, just Jason, myself and two of our friends. The second day we had a ceremony at Jason’s mum and dads. This was a small gathering in the afternoon with close family. Then on the third day, we had a wedding party, which was circus/fun fair theme in a village hall Hermon, Pembrokeshire. Which became more magical as it’s the place where we both are from. The Circus decorations were fabulous, and really made the day feel like a fun fair celebration which was done by our amazing friends Gareth and Jen.


 As we didn’t want to much fuss and Jason doesn’t like being in front of the camera as he doesn’t like to pose as much as myself. We decided that our friend Jen would casually take relaxing, natural photos of us during the two days.

Both days went smoothly, even thou I did forget my bouquet on the Friday; however, my mum went to fetch them after the ceremony so I could have pictures with them!

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Walking down the aisle with my beautiful daughter with the sun shining, all our close family were there to see us getting married, which was magical. The venue turned out perfect and we had an amazing circus fun fair party. We wouldn’t have changed anything.  

 My advice that I would give to future brides would have to be, chill and relax. Everything will turn out perfect in the end.