Hair Comes the Bride

Beautiful Dress…check. Beautiful hair…well of course! Your dress sets the scene, your jewelry accessorizes the look and your hair is the finishing touch. Whatever gown you’ve picked has your own personal style added to it because it’s yours. So why conform to the ‘shoulds’ of how to have your hair? Consider the colour, type of embellishment and style of your dress when deciding on your perfect hair get up, but most importantly…keep the style, well…yours! 

The Vine

A hair vine is an exquisite and delicate piece that can be worn many different ways. A piece that flaunts femininity and often seen on brides who prefer a fairy-like gown (floaty chiffon). It can accentuate an elegant up do, be worn across the head much like a tiara or even cast off to the side. It can also be a great and subtle accessory for your bridesmaids. 


The Hair Comb

One of the most fantastic things about the comb is that it fits with almost any style of wedding. We guarantee it will be harder for you to pick only one you love! They come in so many different styles from vintage inspired, adorned in beading, embellished in crystals, or a gorgeous flower detail. Combs are incredibly versatile and a commonly worn with a veil (although there is no rule here) A small hair comb is as resourceful as the vine. It can be worn with a veil, up do, half up do or simply as an added accessorized touch to your long luscious waves. 


The Headband

A headband is a wonderfully subtle detail that can be worn with a dress that is already adorned with lace or beadwork. If sporting an up do, a slim fitted headband can be the perfect statement. If boasting for a fairy-like look it can be worn, ever so slightly covering the forehead. Fairy or flirty it’s a beautifully understated look. 


The Tiara

Of course the Tiara makes the boldest statement of them all. It will empower the entire princess feel of your day and oozes confidence and grace . Whether big and brilliant or delicately intricate you will feel like royalty! 



There is something so incredibly special about having your favorite flowers set perfectly into your desired look. A simple, single flower to one side gently tucked behind the ear, a few details in your chignon or an entire headband that is brilliantly boho, it will be the most personal touch that you can add to your already fabulous look. 


Hair Pins

The wonderful thing about hair pins is that you can sprinkle them around your hair style adding a modern finish. Commonly coming in smaller sizes you can even choose one that simply slides into your look. A chic touch that can encapsulate your style!