Hannah & Tom: Real Bride Story

What was your favourite moment of the big day?

I have a few favourite moments and I couldn’t possibly pick one! My father-in-law, Paul, drove me and my Dad to the wedding in his Morris Minor and it was so special because they both mean the world to me. The car had flowers and ribbons which was stunning and Paul was waving and bipping at passers by. I’ll always cherish that journey.

After Tom and I were married we had 5 minutes to ourselves with a glass of fizz before greeting people. We had a proper “we did it” moment and it was so special. The realisation that we were husband and wife was absolutely incredible. 

My final favourite moment was during the meal when Tom’s grandad John read a poem out. It wasn’t planned, but was absolutely beautiful and really emotional. 


How did you personalise your day?

We did as much of the wedding ourselves, including the cake, flowers and decorations. We chose lavender as the main colour. Lavender flowers have the meaning of elegance, grace, purity and devotion. We gave our guests lavender seeds as wedding favours. We also added dusky pinks and greens, which looked amazing in the winter sun.


What was most important for you to have at your wedding?

Family. We wanted to make sure that we had a day that included everyone, as family are the most important thing for us. We chose a venue that had brilliant access, and split the day so there was plenty to involve everyone.

Did you have any idea of what style or shape of dress you were looking for?

I always knew I loved lace and I knew I didn’t want strapless. As for the shape, I wasn’t sure, although my husband said I picked exactly what he expected!


Who went with you to try on dresses?

My mum, sister and mother-in-law.

Did you try a lot of dresses on before you found the ONE?

I tried on about 12. The one I ended up choosing was the last one and I didn’t like it on the hanger. However, even though it was far too big I knew it was perfect when I was in it.

How did you feel when you put your dress on?

There was something really comfortable about the dress when I put it on. The colour was much softer than the others I tried on which complimented my skin tone and blonde hair better. The sleeves I knew were perfect for winter, it felt classy and elegant.  The reactions of my family also let me know it was my dress, they all loved it-especially my sister.


Which dress did you choose?

My dress style number was 68052 which is called Romilda.

Anything else that you would like to share about your day or dress?

The detail on the dress was stunning and every time I looked at it I noticed more - such as the sparkle. It was absolutely beautiful, and so comfortable.

Any tips for future brides?

Remember what you want, and don’t get swayed by other opinions. It’s your day after all! And don’t sweat the small stuff, you’re the only one who knows the image you had in your head, your guests will love the day no matter what. Your day will go quickly take it all in and savour every minute.


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Photo credit: Hollie Nicole Photography