How did you personalise your day?

We didn't have a theme as such, we just had a little bit of both of us throughout the day and wanted it to be relaxed yet filled with fun.

My husband absolutely loves MK1 Ford Escorts, so for a long time I asked around to see if I could source one to come and take him for a spin on the day as a surprise. The car was absolutely stunning and Phil was blown away when it came screeching into the car park and did a handbrake turn in front of him.


Phil also loves golf so we decided to name the tables after golf courses. Then we thought, lets get crazy golf for everyone to enjoy which was a massive hit and a lot of fun.

Keeping within the spirit of all things fun, a friend of mine recommended PC Roadshows to us for some entertainment, he was absolutely amazing. At first he just mingled with everyone which was funny as no one knew him and were confused as to why he was there (it was kept a secret), then after welcome drinks he got everyone warmed up.

The entertainment didn't stop there, he had everyone up doing the Conga around the room, in and out of the tables, we had a dance competition, dancing on chairs, throwing napkins, it was an absolute scream.

During the main course we had played more games sitting down. We played Mr & Mrs and “who is the best lookalike”.

Our Compère had previously asked us if the Best Man was up for “anything” we said pretty much. So, there was another game, this time with a bit of a twist or should I say strip. The Best Man was asked to do a strip! Then, half naked, started off the Love Train which got every single person in the room onto the dance floor. They then made a space for Phil and I in the middle for our first dance.

We had a candy cart, photo booth, touch screen casino & retro arcade machine. Everyone danced, played, ate and had the best time ever.


Describe your experience of buying your wedding dress.

I decided one week that I was going to take a look at a bridal shop as they were having a sale. We went to The Brides Gallery, Heskin Hall. There was myself, my Mum, Mother-in-law to be, Sister-in-law to be, my best friend & her son.


I had always wanted a strapless, fitted dress until I tried one on a few years earlier and didn't like how I looked in it. So this time I knew I wanted straps. My other criteria was lace, some sparkles, fitted and a bit “boobie”.

I must have chosen about 12 dresses. I liked a few but nothing really wowed me. My mum saw a picture of a dress, the ERIN dress, in the changing room and said she thought it would be perfect for me. The assistant said I had put a tag on it but it wasn't in the sale so I decided to leave it and try a few others on. Although this dress was at the back of my mind so I finally caved and asked to try it. It was perfect and fit as if it was made for me…but I took it off knowing I couldn't afford it and asked to try the others on. Everyone kept saying how it was my dress and I kept shrugging it off. I broke and tried it again; it really was my perfect dress.

When I put it back on I fell in love all over again. I knew that I shouldn't have put it on as I couldn't afford it. I’ve watched enough of “Say Yes to the Dress” and shouted at the TV for them trying dresses on over their budget and here I was doing the same thing!

My Sister-in-Law and best friend were my bridesmaids and offered to buy their own dresses if it meant I could have mine. It still wasn't enough and I felt I couldn't ask them to do that.


The assistant saw how much I loved the dress and offered me the dress I had on, as it was a sample dress, at a discount if I took it that week, it was in my budget; I couldn't believe it!

My mum came over to me and asked if this was the dress I wanted, I said YES, and she offered to pay for it. I cried, we all cried even the assistant. We were absolutely over the moon.

Any tips for future brides?

Make sure you do what you and your partner want, listen to people's advice but also make sure your day is everything you have dreamed of. To be honest your theme is you and your partner. Everything should be about the both of you. It will work.


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