To celebrate the launch of their new flagship store, Bijoux Bridal in Hamilton, we spoke to their real bride Kirsty about choosing her dream dress...

Where did you and Scott meet?

Scott and I met and university eleven years ago. However, we didn’t get together until a few years after graduating. We met again at a mutual friends BBQ and went from there.

Tell us about the engagement Kirsty! How did it happen?

He proposed in Florence two years after we started dating. He took me to the stunning Boboli Gardens – one of the most beautiful and famous gardens in the world.

So when it came to picking your dream dress, what was your experience and how did you decide on “the one”?

When it came to my wedding dress I’d always imagined myself in a princess dress with lots of lace. I tried on loads of dresses but couldn’t find anything that ticked all the boxes.

Eventually, I found Robyn by Ronald Joyce, style number 68060. I instantly fell in love with it because of its beautiful colour – champagne and ivory. I thought I made it a bit more unique. I couldn’t have felt anymore like a bride if I tried.

So you had the perfect engagement, you’ve found your dream dress… but where did you decide for your wedding and why?!

We booked our wedding as soon as we got engaged for two years time. I always wanted a winter wedding and we chose Brig o’ Doon because it was very Scottish and looked amazing all lit up with fairy lights and candles.

If you were to recommend Bijoux Bridal to a friend, what would you say?

The girls at Bijoux were great from the start. They really understood what I was looking for and were all lovely and helpful. They even let me come back a few more times to try it on again with different accessories. It made things a lot easier to picture on the day.

Thanks Kirsty!




Wedding Venue: Brig O’ Doon
Photography by: Derek Christie Photography