Primer is an absolute must! Prepping your face with make-up primer has to be our number one tip. There are so many benefits to this crucial step that many people aren’t aware of. Not only does it ensures that your make up lasts throughout the day right through to the evening it also creates a smooth base that hydrates and nourishes the skin as well as evening out uneven skin tones or blemishes. It makes pores appear smaller, fills in any fine lines or wrinkles and reduces any inflammation or redness you might be having. Ladies…we can’t say it enough…prep, prep and prep!

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Using a translucent setting powder as opposed to a colorless powder is used to set your make up. Not only does it guarantee you long lasting wear for day and evening, it does a better job at smoothing out any uneven texture on the skin, such as scarring, visible pores and any bumpiness or roughness.  Make sure your maid of honor has this setting power in her emergency kit for you so you can quickly pop to the bathroom for your touch ups.

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Although you may be opting for a natural make-up look for your wedding day it will be paramount that you put on enough colour to last the day. Be sure you apply enough color to your cheeks, lips and eyes, specifically eyeliner and especially in between your lashes, to make your lashes appear thicker and darker. This will make everything pop in photos. Lip colour should be applied every couple of hours to keep that luscious lip look.

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HAC (highlighting and contouring)

Effectively highlighting and contouring your face using make-up will compliment your best facial assets. It can make your face sharper, while still looking natural. The key is to blend, blend blend, so that these lines don’t appear too harsh and still achieve the desired look. Since bridal make-up is generally a little more intense than your everyday look, you or your make-up artist has a bit more wiggle room to contour and highlight in more areas. The effect is not only beautiful, it's also a way to appear more photogenic. Basically, additional structure and color will help your features pop on camera. Without it, you could appear washed out in high-definition photos and video.

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This is probably the most important item on the list. Not only when considering your make-up but when choosing everything for your big day. It’s key to remember this day is about celebrating you and your husband… it’s all about what you want and how you want to look. Don’t be influenced by anyone else. Go with your gut, after all, you are meant to feel like absolute royalty on this day!

Don’t forget your make-up trials before the big day, you’ll want to be happy with your styling and level of coverage and it will give you the opportunity to see how long the make-up lasts.

Follow these tips and you will need never worry about a bad photo being taken on your day because you make up will be absolutely flawless! For more wedding tips visit out blog.


By Lucinda Jenkins