We met in a nightclub in Edinburgh in 2014, I was on the dancefloor with a friend, who turned out to be a friend of a friend to him. He came over to say hi and we hit it off, spending the rest of the night on the dancefloor.

He proposed in May 2018, he picked me up after work and drove us to South Queensferry for a wander as it was a nice evening. It was not till we got out of the car I realised he was acting a bit suspicious, turns out he was trying to hide the big ring box in his pocket! We walked down the pier, I took some photos then turned round to him on one knee and of course I said yes!


In the build-up to the wedding, I visited the Edinburgh Corn Exchange wedding fair with my Mum to gain some inspiration. It was a lovely afternoon out and it gives you a good idea of the types of suppliers that are out there. The catwalk was great to watch as well as it gave you a small insight to some designers and styles. I also bought the Tie the Knot Scotland and Wedding Ideas magazines.

When it came to the dress, I had an idea of what I wanted, but when I tried the style on, I quickly realised it was not for me! I thought I wanted something plain with a bit of shoulder detail but ended up going for a beautiful lace number.

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I went to three shops in total with my Mum and tried on a good number of dresses. When I tried on my chosen dress, I thought that it was the one. However, I tried on a few more just to be sure, but my mind kept going back to that one, so I knew I had a winner.

I fell in love with the Ronald Joyce gown Jessie 18061 at the last shop, Anne & Bobbies in Bathgate. where I had such a lovely experience trying on dresses. The lace on the dress is beautiful, and I liked the silhouette the skirt gave with the slightly more fitted lacy underskirt and then the layer of lace on top. The detail around the bust is so delicate and I also liked the ivory/nude colour of the dress as I am very pale.

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To accessorise I just opted for drop earrings, which would also be my ‘something new’ and some flowers in my hair. However, it was not until we were mingling after all the photos that one of my friends asked what my something old, something new, etc was. As I reached for my something new, I realised I had forgot to put them in! Looking back, the dress was so lovely and detailed, it did not need any accessorising.

For the venue, I had my heart set on a barn setting as I loved the kind of rustic look. Like a lot of brides/grooms to be I started a Pinterest board and came across nice geometric decorations. We are quite a crafty family and made the hanging decorations and signage ourselves. It’s a good way to make it personal and it’s a fond memory looking back to the time spent together during the craft sessions.
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Being a May wedding we had high hopes for lovely weather so adequate outdoor space was a must. Bachilton Barn had a lovely gazebo set beside a lake which was a beautiful setting for our outdoor wedding. Little did we know we would get married during a pandemic, the outdoor space proved invaluable when our guests were able to enjoy the ceremony mask-free!

This was our second date (the first date was May 2020), although it was difficult to not have family from overseas and all our original guestlist we decided we did not want to wait any longer to be husband and wife. The beauty of technology meant that we were able to live-stream the ceremony to those who could not be present on the day. We even gave them a wave before the ceremony started.
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We had such an amazing day and it went so fast, it did not even matter that we did not have any dancing. It was like a small reunion for all our guests who saw very little of each other over the past year, they had a great time catching up!

The best bit was having the ceremony outside. It was a bit chilly during the ceremony, but it was so nice to see our guests’ faces and to feel ‘normal’ after dealing with current circumstances and face masks for so long.

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As our cottages were a 5-minute walk to the venue I walked down with my parents, bridesmaids, and flower girl. Turned out we were a bit early for the live steaming of the ceremony, so we just waited at the bottom of the road. As we were waiting a taxi started coming down the driveway, which turned out to be a late guest! We had to stand to the side to let it past and all we could see was a hand waving form the backseat. The photographer captured a great picture of Kevin signing ‘what time do you call this?!” to the guest.


I would like to give a special mention to Tomnah’a Market Garden who created the stunning bouquets and buttonholes. I had a Pinterest board for inspiration, and they did such an amazing job, I could not have been happier!

Photographer: Crieff Photography

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