I met Scott – who everyone calls Brad!- when we were at school, I was 17 he was 19 when we first got together. For his 30th birthday I booked a surprise trip to New York, and he surprised me in turn with a proposal! We got married on 21st August 2021, at Sneaton Castle, in a big white wedding.

I loved the movie Father of the Bride, so I always knew I wanted a traditional, big white wedding. Minimal colour, big white flowers and fairy lights everywhere was perfect! Although the pandemic of course made planning more stressful, we had to cancel three times, we got there in the end with all our family and close friends there.


We went to a wedding fayre in Sheffield to collect ideas. I had no intention of buying a dress just yet but we booked an appointment at Tickled Pink while we were there, and we never needed another one!

I knew I wanted a white dress, but I didn’t know what fit or style. Nora (style no. 69326) was the first dress I tried on, and even though I tried on other ones after to be sure, I kept coming back to it. When I walked out to show my mum, nan and mother in law, they all cried! The detail on the dress is exquisite, the floral applique and the deep V back and front are so flattering. I twinkled as I stood in the shop, and I felt like a princess. I had my heart set on a white dress, but I bought it in blush and it was perfect.


I must be the only bride in the world who had a lie in on her wedding day! I was snuggled in bed at 9, and the wedding was at 1! But it’s tradition to be late, isn’t it?

My bridesmaid Becky did my hair and make up (Instagram @becky_johnson1234) so I was really relaxed, I knew she would sort me out no matter what. I was so excited that I forgot my bouquet n the dressing room! So I walked down the aisle smiling and waving at everyone with my dad.
The day ran like clockwork, except that at 5pm our night entertainment called to cancel! Thankfully our day entertainment were brilliant and stayed all night, and they even got everyone in the room standing to sing ‘Sweet Caroline’ during the wedding breakfast!


There are so many brilliant moments to the wedding, I couldn’t choose a favourite if I tried. My husband surprised me with a poem instead of a speech which was so thoughtful. My dad’s speech was incredible too. Our son was a part of our ceremony too; he got a wedding ring too and it was so wonderful having in involved in the ceremony.

My advice for future brides is that no matter how much you are prepared, you cannot control the day. Roll with it. Make sure to eat breakfast and rest in the morning before chaos ensues, and soak up the whole day. Have fun!

Our photographers were Abbie & Lee, a husband and wife team and having two of them meant we didn’t miss a minute!  Our photos, like our day, were perfect.

Written by Emily Cook.