It’s one of the most special days of your life. You have been busy planning for months, for some even years. This will be the wedding of your dreams.  You already have the dress, the venue, flowers, the bridesmaids and of course your partner. But there’s one last thing you to think about. Your wedding cake!

Now you have made some tough decisions, this might be the hardest one to make. A beautiful wedding cake can be a real focal point at your wedding reception, especially for photos. It can add to your wedding theme and can really makes a statement. It also has to taste as good as it looks, so no pressure!

When it comes to wedding cakes, there are too many to choose. From delicate florals to bright colours and sculptured designs. The possibility are endless. But don’t worry. We have come up with our favourite wedding cake trends to help you pick your perfect wedding cake.

While classic white wedding cakes will always be a gorgeous choice for the occasion, the options for wedding cakes and other treats are ever-expanding. There are stunning designs that have grown even more popular over the past few years, along with clever, new techniques that bakers are excited to offer their couples.

Pressed Floral

Picture8 Picture9

Floral patterns on wedding cakes has always been an iconic statement piece and is still increasing in popularity. However, pressed floral is a more recent trend, and brides and grooms are loving it, plus its ideal for a spring wedding.

Bakeries will typically use edible flowers grown, picked and hand pressed. These flowers can range in size and colours and be designer to match a colour theme, style or even your bouquet.

Featuring pretty, organic blooms on wedding cakes, the pressed flowers can become more personal and unique to each couple. They are perfect for everything from boho weddings to fairy-tale garden. We think if you would like to have a floral cake then Sienna might be a perfect fit for the fairy-tale theme, whereas Dolores or Francesca is ideal for a boho theme.

Acrylic Towers

Picture1(3) Picture2(2)

For a more unusual cake design that we can’t get enough of, the interspersing clear acrylic tiers within a cake tower is becoming increasingly popular for an Avant Garde cake design. The clear acrylic can provide a divide between tiers, allowing attention to each section.

Whilst the acrylic can be left empty, many couples choose to fill it with flowers, fresh fruits that match their colour scheme or fairy lights. Another good idea that we love is to fill the tiers with the same flowers as the bride's bouquet.

We think that this cake is perfect for a venue like a barn or industrial space which you might like to create a warm and cosy atmosphere, filling the tiers with yellow toned fairy lights can work a treat. It can also make the cake show feel more magical. We think for this theme Vally would be a perfect fit.

Sculptural Cakes

Picture15(2) Picture14

If you really wants to reflect your artistic flair in a cake. Or are wanting something a little more modern, than a sculptural cake might be the perfect fit, and can be the lovely centrepiece. Bordering on a piece of art, the sky’s the limit with a creative 3D design.

From vibrant and abstract designs to modern and white sculptures, a 3D cake design will never go out of fashion, and we can’t get enough of them.

We think that the if you sculptural cake is to your taste and your theme is more modern then a dress that may suit is Suzannah or Floretta for their contemporary look.

Bright and bold

Picture11(1) Picture10

For many years the pastels cakes have been the norm at a wedding all, however the trend of bold and bright wedding cakes are looking to take over. Perfect for summer weddings, colourful wedding cakes have seen a huge spike in interest, and we couldn’t be happier.

Bright and bold cakes are being seen as the new statement cakes with bold colours that reflect the celebratory tone of the event. Whilst pastel colours are beautiful, it's time for bold and bright colours to make a comeback.

Colourful wedding cakes have seen huge spikes in interest over the past year with purple, orange, green and yellow being some of the most searched for colours online. We think that a colour cake can really complement a colourful dress like Celestina and Damasa.

We hope that these fabulous and trendy cakes have given the inspiration you need to pick the perfect cake for your special day. And remember that cake also has to taste good so don’t forget about the flavour!

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