Where did you tie the knot?

We had our dream wedding ceremony at Blackburn Cathedral and our reception at Hoghton Tower.

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How did you go about personalising your day?

I wanted a day which I could really make my own, so I chose a venue where I had free rein to choose all my suppliers and create the look I wanted for the day. I wanted a very traditional wedding that’s why the Cathedral and Castle venues were absolutely perfect for that.

Describe your experience of buying your wedding dress?

I went to 18 dress shops in total, so it's fair to say I found the decision very difficult. Being quite petite, it was very hard to tell what the dresses would actually look like when they fit me. But, I still enjoyed trying lots on.

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Who did you take with you?

My mum and my sister came with me each time. It was so nice to have them there to help me with my choice. They did have their own opinions, which is nice but sometimes you have to just look in the mirror and trust what you think and how you feel.

Did you know as soon as you stepped into your gown or did you take your time?

As soon as I saw my dress I knew it was the one for me. I remember putting it on and it just felt right. When I turned to look in the mirror, I had a heart stopping moment and that’s when I just knew it had to be this dress. When the shop assistant opened the curtains to show my mum and sister, they just said 'oh yes, that's it!'

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Did you already have an idea of what you wanted to wear?

After a few shops, I had decided I wanted a bigger dress with a prominent waistband and a Mikado skirt.

Which did you purchase your dress?

I bought my dress from Orchid Designs in Clitheroe.

Which dress did you choose?

I chose the Tamara gown. The Ronald Joyce dresses were always my favourite designs and I had narrowed it down to the Audrey and the Jodie, and then I saw the Tamara and fell in love with it – which is from the Victoria Jane Collection.

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Any tips for future brides?

Try not to get too caught up on the plan for the day. Things will go off schedule, just don't worry about it. Also, try to keep your new husband near you throughout the day! It makes it easier for the photographer and seeing your guests.

So, there you have it! Even when you think it’s impossible to find your perfect fit…visit Ronald Joyce and have faith you will find the one!