Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. This have been told to brides for hundreds of years. Originating from a rhyme that's said to bring bride’s good luck. The idea dates back to ancient folklore, but it was popularised by the Victorians. The meaning behind ‘something blue’, is that the colour is associated with purity and fidelity. Traditionally the bride would wear the blue in the form of a garter. Blue is also thought to ward off the ‘evil eye.’

Some brides can find it hard to incorporate something blue into theme wedding, especially if it does not fit their theme or clashes with the dress. Other may wants to have something which is a little different for the traditional blue item, like a garter belt. Luckily, there are ways around the traditional blue statement, and these can be very creative, and give new meaning to ‘something blue.’

Blue Invitation Cards

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If you really don’t want to wear something blue for your wedding day, there is a inventive way around it. Why not try having blue invitation cards.  This diffenet idea of having a blue invitation cards rather than wearing it on your day means that you can still take part in the tradition without havig to comprimise you colour scheme. This is also a very simple and personal touch on a on the invitation cards. These watercolour blue floral invitations are especially beautiful or go graphic for a contemporary feel. Either way, your guest will definitely arriving with enough luck for a happy marriage.

Dress patches


For a hidden something blue item, why not have a customised blue label worn inside your dress. This can be the dates you are getting married, the initials of you are your husband or can be a touching way to honour a loved one who can’t be with you on your big day. Once you have choices the perfect patch for yourself, ask your seamstress to sew the label into the inside of your dress, or do it yourself if you’re handy with a needle and thread. This makes something blue very sentimental, and personal.

The Dress

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If you want your something blue to stand out, then maybe a blue dress would be perfect. For the modern brides who wants who wants to stay away from the conventual wedding dresses but still want to keep to some traditions. For a showstopping pale blue wedding dress, decorated with beautiful pink 3D flowers, Sienna is perfect. This show stopping blue floral ballgown wedding dress is wonderful for a true fairy-tale wedding, complete with a striking floral cape, decorated in 3D flowers. If ballgowns are not what you are looking for them why not try out stunning Pina wedding dress. A romantic pale blue off the shoulder, A-line wedding dress, with stunning floral detail, an illusion back detail and thigh slit.


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If you are wanting to add a pop of colour to your wedding look then how about wearing a blue bridal shoes? These are something which have become very popular in recent years as more brides are ditching the ivory heels in place for blue ones. With such a variety of blue shades to choose from, blue shoes may be the perfect touch to the wedding tradition. From subtle pale blue to rich and bold royal, there is a shade that will suit any bride.


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If you are looking for an iconic statement piece for your something blue, then blue jewellery is flawless. Whether you favour a deep blue sapphire, sparkling aquamarine, blue topaz, blue opal, tanzanite or even a blue pearl, including a blue gemstone in your wedding will give you ‘something blue’ to wear forever. From Sapphire earring and opal neckless, the incorporation of blue in jewellery is endless. Sapphires have been a popular choice for rings since the 13th century but was made fashionable by Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Which such a variety of different styles and, gems and pieces, the blue jewellery item, is a piece which you can always have with you, or can be become a family heirloom, making it a lovely blend of old and blue.

Garter belt


Somethings its nice to stick to the classics and tradition when planning your something blue for your wedding. Traditionally, worn for love and luck, garter belts are now seen as a more of a fun, lighthearted for the bride and groom. This can also be an easy hidden ways to have your something blue on your big day, without it being on show.


The list is truly endless for having a little something blue on your wedding day. Depending on how visible you would like the blue to be, from a statement bold and rich blue to subtle pastel, hidden details to grand gestures, there is something blue for everyone.