Pink is quickly becoming the new Ivory! Every wedding season brings contemporary trends and styles that captivate brides and fashion enthusiasts. Stepping away from tradition, a new trend has emerged for Veni Infantino for Ronald Joyce, Pink becoming the new Ivory! This romantic trend will take the bridal industry by storm.

With brides wanting to stand out more from the traditional wedding looks of white and ivory but maybe not wanting to be fully alternative in their wedding look, blush dresses are a great choice. With a variety of options from sublet glows to vibrant pinks, allowing our bold brides have a wide choice of standout dresses.

Blush wedding dresses are a beautiful and romantic choice for brides who want to depart from traditional white or ivory gowns but don’t want to drive into blacks, multis or reds. Blush is a soft, delicate shade of pink that adds a subtle hint of colour to the wedding ensemble while still maintaining an elegant and timeless look.

 They offer a fresh and modern twist to the classic bridal aesthetic and are often chosen by brides who want to make a subtle statement on their special day.

For generations Ivory has been the traditional style, symbolising purity, and innocence. However, modern brides seek an alternative look from the classic colours. In this new collection Veni has embraced colour, allowing brides to make their own statement and express their personalities through their wedding dress. This new trend is encouraging diversity in the bridal market as increased brides step away from tradition, making it evident that this trend is here to stay!

  1. Personal Style: Some brides simply prefer the soft and romantic look of blush like Karla over traditional white or ivory dresses like Sophie. It aligns more closely with their personal style and aesthetic preferences. Blushes are a great why to stand out without it feeling over the top. Meaning a bride can conform to the look at a traditional wedding whilst still standing out.
  2. Unique Aesthetic: Blush wedding dresses offer a unique and non-traditional aesthetic like Zaylee and Kendra that sets the bride apart. For those looking to make a statement or stand out from the crowd, a blush gown can be a perfect choice. Some bride even choice to have a blush dress and put their bridesmaids in ivory to help them stand out more, with great results.
  3. Complementing Skin Tones: Blush dresses can complement a variety of skin tones, especially for those with warmer undertones. The soft pink hue can enhance the bride's natural glow and bring out the warmth in their complexion. We think sublet blush like Yashi.
  4. Symbolism: Blush is often associated with romance, femininity, and love, making it a meaningful choice for a wedding dress. Some brides may choose blush as a symbol of their romantic relationship or as a nod to their love story.
  5. Versatility: Blush is a versatile colour that can work well for weddings in any season. It pairs beautifully with a variety of wedding themes and colour palettes, from rustic outdoor ceremonies (which we think Kaoria B  would be great for) which we great for) to elegant ballroom receptions (which we think  Zilpah is perfect for).

Some of these dresses that are really making a blushing statement are:

  • Zilpah- a dress that exude chic botanical brilliance in this fashion-forward ballgown wedding dress, featuring a detachable 3D floral wrap. The timeless yet fashion forward design makes this dress perfect for a fashionable romantic who wants an effortlessly beautiful, unique wedding dress.


  • Celestina-If you're a bold bride looking for something different, you'll love this colourful ballgown wedding dress featuring beautiful 3D floral appliques. Delicate straps and a fitted V-neck bodice led to a voluptuous ballgown skirt with a colourful combination of claret, navy and green. we think it is picture-perfect for brides who want to wow and buck the white wedding dress trend. 

69426_4544(6) 69426_4609(6)

  • Zambia- Drama and glamour can be found in this show-stopping designer wedding dress. The ball gown features a delicately pleated fitted bodice and ruffled tulle skirt, creating a fabulous texture with a subtle, swirling floral motif.  

69930_280(1) 69930_296(1)

  • Nora- This romantic ballgown wedding dress has a beaded lace applique bodice, plunging V-shaped open back and 3D floral applique detail gently cascading down the skirt to the hemline. 

69326_068R(2) 69326_095R(1)

  • Yashi- a beautiful fitted, soft Mikado ballgown wedding dress. Perfect for the most elegant of brides, this dress features a modern bow detail and delicate cross pleated bodice.


  • Karmen-A dreamy tulle ballgown dress with flattering off-the-shoulder sleeve detail. Featuring exquisite floral lace appliques that decorated the bodice and continue through the skirt, this style offers the perfect romantic and whimsical bridal style. 

69815_017_cropped(5) 69815_059(3)

  • Kaoria A- An absolutely, beautiful blush ballgown, with delicate 3D flower appliques. This botanical dream is perfect for an outdoor summer wedding. Featuring multi-coloured floral appliques and a strapless sweetheart neckline. Perfect for a unique bride wanting to stand out from the traditional ivory dress. 

69868_Long_017(1) 69868_Long_022

  • Yareli- a show-stopping, romantic ballgown style wedding dress with a contemporary pleated bodice and open back, which accentuates this modern ballgown look.


We hope that this blog has given you the inspiration needed.

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