It’s not secret that on your wedding day, all eyes will be on you. This will be one of the most important days of your life, so you want every detail to be perfect. But with a perfect wedding, comes a long list of things you want to buy before the big day. Of course, the dress is the most important, but that doesn’t mean that’s the other accessories should be overlooked.

For some brides, the shoes become top priority after getting their dream dress. Shoes can make or break an outfit. They can be your pop of something blue, a little help with height when wanting a longer dress, your little piece to endued on, or your something borrowed. Whether its flats or heels, sparkle or plain, shoes play a big role in your wedding.

There are many components to think about when buying the perfect wedding show. The height, comfortability (remember you will be on your feet a lot), style and yes even sturdiness, because there is nothing worst on your big day then for a heel or strap to snap. 

Now, one very important question that brides may ask is “do you buy the dress first or the shoes.” Personally, we will always recommend buying the dress first, as it much easier to plan an shoes round a dress, rather than the other way round.

One of the first things you need to do before driving into finding your perfect shoes id considering your venue and season your getting married. A thin dentine heel and white stain finish may sound perfect on paper, but if its in the mid of winter in an English country house, in the wet, these may not work. Beaches and lawns are not as ideal of tall heels as they are for a church ceremony.  And flats my look a silly strange in a black-tie wedding.


Closed toe heal


The closed toe bridal heel has the description in the name. Often a delicate heel, these gorgeous, closed toe wedding shoes can be designed in lovely lace, ivory silk, and luxe satin, just to name a few. From classic court shoes to heels featuring a dainty ankle strap, a string of pearls or stylish accessories. For colder climates or a more traditional wedding, we recommend a closed toe shoe. These are often seen as a timeless option and can go with any dress, long or short.


Open toe heels


Open toe heel are for the height of elegance. Peep toe and polished nails, worn underneath a delicately flowing gown, can be a very elegant way to style your wedding. Open shoes can be timeless, minimalistic designs with ivory satin, to intricate lace and a touch of blush and sparkle. These shoes are ideal for a destination wedding and can really dress a wedding gown up or down, depending on what you would like.




Now some of you may think that you have to wear heels for your wedding, but you were wrong. There are no rules with shoes, never bridal. Traditionally, seamstresses will hem the dress to right above the floor, meaning that is many cases you won’t ever see your shoes if you don’t want to. Style wise, the toe of the shoe will matter way more than the heel of the shoe, as this may be seen as you walk. Flats are normally worn for comfort or because of their fiancé’s height.


Picture5(2) Picture6(1)

Now before you read this, I’m sure you have only ever thought of wearing a shoe which matches the colour of your wedding dress. colour wedding shoes aren’t for everyone. It depends on what kind of bride you are, and what your theme is. Classic and traditional brides will be drawn to clean white, champagne, ivory, and nude tones, which blend into the dress and allows more attention to the dress. however, if a pop of colour doesn’t frighten you why not step outside the box in the colour department.  A playful twist on tradition, "something blue” bridal shoes range in shades from pale blue to deep royal hues are something that many brides are doing to stray away from tradition. Glitter, metallics and patterns have also seen a growth in popularity, as brides opt for a little sparkle for there wedding day in a subtle way.  


Picture7(2) Picture8(4)

For the more daring bride who wants a unique looking for non-traditional wedding shoe styles, the alternative wedding shoe may right up your street. Not every bride dream of getting married in sky-high Jimmy Choo shoes, or pearly flats. Some brides just want to get married in comfort, with a part of Dr Martins or maybe a shimmery pair of converses. Shoes which are stylish, and comfort have become for popular as brides what to feel comfortable and confident on their big day without worrying about their feet hurting. The most popular alternative wedding shoe is the trainer. A lot of brides opt for this type of shoe because they can be customizable and accessible without being expensive.  

One of our favourite shoes trends right now are brides personalising the soul of their shoes. This subtle, personal touch is a nice way for the bride and from to have a hidden detail only really know for them. These are normally the date they met, their names or ever the location of their first date.   


We hope that this blog has given you the inspiration needed, when in the search for your perfect wedding shoes.

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