Times are changing and as we enter a new era of wedding etiquette, all the rules and regulations seem to have been cast aside to fit the modern couple’s needs. So, for those Mother of the Bride’s out there who aren’t too sure we are here to give you the top tips as to what your role is and how you can help your daughter in the best way possible.


Be sure to actively listen to what she wants, discuss themes, colours, venues, style and anything else that will give you a solid feel of what your daughter wants for her special day. This will inform you of how involved she wants you to be and when things are getting a bit overwhelming you can be the best person for her to lean on.

A photo of a bride stood next to her mum inside a castle room wearing an ivory strappy ballgown wedding dress with a sparkle belt


Take some pressure off the bride. If she has any worries about anyone or anything on the day, make sure you are aware and on hand to help. Introduce yourself to everyone in both families and make sure they know to come to you for anything instead of worrying the bride.

The Guest List

Whilst it might be incredibly tempting to invite all of your friends and extended family to celebrate this joyous occasion, remember that it is her wedding. She may only want a close intimate event, or perhaps she has given you full reign on the guest list. Whatever the case, you will be a great person for her to help create the address book of everyone’s name, email and address. You can also be a great liaison with the groom’s side of the family too.

A photo of a bride stood next to her mum in a garden wearing an ivory sweetheart illusion wedding dress while holding a white bouquet and glass of fizz.

The Hen Do
Whilst in the past it was poor etiquette for the Mother of the Bride to organize the hen do, now there is no problem with the Mother of the Bride getting involved. After all you know your daughter best and we are sure you’ll know exactly how she would like to spend her hen do. Firstly, find out if she’s asked her Maid of Honor or Bridesmaids to organise anything and ask if you can collaborate with them, if you’d like to of course. One great idea would be to make party bags with sashes, cupcakes, bubbles, nail polish, balloons and badges.

A photo of a bride stood with her mum near a mahogany four-poster bed in a hotel room. The bride wears a lace fishtail wedding dress with a v-neckline

Her Dress

You may have envisioned your daughter in a certain style of gown, but find a look that she loves and feels comfortable in. You can add practical tips, perhaps think of the weather, if she will trip over the dress, can she tie it up, can she sit down in it, will the neckline look good from all angles for the photos. Trust us…you'll know almost instantly when she has found the gown that’s the one. Your instincts will kick in as soon as she steps out of that fitting room!

There’s nothing better for the bride than to have someone to lean on leading up to and during the wedding day fiasco, and who better than her own Mother. Being Mother of Bride certainly comes with a set of expected duties but you should be whatever source of help your daughter needs. If the beautiful bride is meticulously organized and loves to take the reigns, let her handle logistics. If she’s more laid back about the nuts and bolts but gifted with an eye for design and aesthetics, tap her for style decisions and mood board input. You know you daughter and she knows you so let it be the once in lifetime experience you can share together.

A close-up photo of a mum doing up the back of her daughter’s wedding dress on her wedding day. The bride wears an off the shoulder dress with long sheer and lace applique sleeves.