Hidden Costs

Even though you may think you've thought of absolutely everything there are always those sneaky hidden costs you may have not of even considered. Have you thought about…

Tips: These can really add up if you aren’t careful, things like concierge, wedding dress alterations, drivers, musicians, waiting staff, chefs, caterers.

Overtime fees: Be sure to ask as these are not always free or included. For example if you want a late bar or disco until 1am, or if you want a bar to stay open after the wedding for hotel guests.

Miscellaneous: Have you thought about the cost of stamps for invitations, marriage license fees, envelopes, gifts for wedding helpers such as Mother of the Bride flowers, food and drink costs the day before the wedding, dry cleaning, shoe polish, corkage fees, are prices inclusive of VAT, are there charges for the cloakroom, always have emergency funds for if someone lets you down or things don’t arrive on time or get lost in the post.

Weather-related expenses: You might suddenly need someone to go out and buy umbrellas, hire heaters or fans and ice lollies.

Small accidents: Costs for fixing a rip in a dress or a button coming off, or even larger accidents such as someone breaks a vase at the venue… all worth getting wedding insurance for or checking with the venue who is liable.

We recommend you always account for going over budget, the best way to do this is mark down 5-7% of your budget for unforeseen costs.

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Track, Track, Track

We can’t stress to you enough how important it is to track what is going out. Take advantage of any app or money management system that makes it quick and easy for you to plug in every receipt paid and pending. We found a great one available on the App store called ‘Fudget’ which is free! It might even be worth opening up a 0% interest credit card for the wedding and putting every spend on there, so you don’t miss anything lost in your own banking transactions. Additionally, if there is more than just yourself making purchases for the wedding, have a system where you can share this expenditure on a document whether it be a shared excel spreadsheet, Google drive or old fashioned book. This will help more than you know.

We’ve seen so many articles about how to save for the wedding, from taking packed lunches and stopping your morning Starbucks coffee… but we know you’ve heard all that before! Here are some you may not have come across:

  • Call in favours for your wedding. Can someone make the cake or do your nails or make up instead of buying you a gift?
  • DIY – what can you make yourself? Centre pieces, decorations, invitations, favours?
  • Buy things you can in bulk or when on offer
  • Host parties instead of eating out… think about a home-made afternoon for your hen do or dress shopping day with your bridesmaids
  • Try a cashback website for your online wedding shopping supplies
  • Try selling things from your wedding you no longer need on Facebook Market Place
  • Ask suppliers for a discount in return for a review and photos for their website or social media pages
  • Make your own alcohol or buy in bulk at a wholesaler
  • Don’t mention the word wedding! Say you are hosting a dinner or party as the word wedding may put up the prices!
  • Avoid a Saturday or a summer wedding date, they are often most expensive
  • Opt for a BBQ, picnic, afternoon tea or buffet rather than a sit down 3 course meal, or change the dessert course to wedding cake as often this doesn’t get eaten
  • Cut out the cake! Opt for something cheaper like a stack of your favourite brownies, doughnuts or muffins
  • Make your own confetti with a hole punch and dry leaves from the garden
  • Don’t over invite. Will you still be friends with people in your office in ten years’ time, especially if you are already thinking of leaving your job? Keep your wedding party strictly family and have an afterwork drink with your colleagues instead.

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We hope this will help you save and prepare for your big day! Perhaps you’ll even be able to splurge a little bit on yourself or your honeymoon with our tips.