The First Look

Back in the day, couples weren't supposed to see each other until the last minute, so the groom didn't have the chance to change his mind, or the bride for that matter. This custom gradually morphed into the general idea that it was bad luck for a groom to see his bride on their wedding day.

Today, some couples stick to tradition because it adds to the excitement leading up to seeing each other at the ceremony. We know lots of couples who've thrown tradition by the wayside, stayed in the same room the night before, had breakfast together the morning of and most conveniently)scheduled their joint photo session with their photographer before the ceremony. Our take…do what feels right for the both of you, after all your first look will be emotional and exciting no matter when it is.


Carrying the Bride over the threshold.

Did you know that it was the Ancient Romans who believed carrying your bride over the threshold of the couple's home protected her from evil spirits?

Do it for fun when you get home from the honeymoon, if you want, as a nod to a harmless tradition. Or give it a contemporary twist: Walk hand in hand into your new home together instead. But we're pretty sure evil spirits have got nothing on you, so don't take this one too seriously.


Don’t drop the ring!

As the tale goes, if someone dropped the ring during the ceremony, it meant that person would die!

Although this is absolute nonsense it does lend us some food for thought. If your ring bearer is a smaller person, yes how cute, just make sure the rings are tied tightly onto a ring cushion so that they aren’t destined to fall and get lost. Whilst you won’t die…it could be very stressful and awkward in the moment if a ring was lost.

Steer clear of yellow roses (or you'll be green with envy).

Around the Victorian era, ‘The Language of Flowers’ was a book that assigned flowers different emotions meanings and gradually popularised all over Europe. Tulips stand for love and passion, stephanotis means marital happiness, but yellow roses symbolize jealousy.

If you love a flower…go for it and give those Victorian florists a run for their money with their superstitions that have no bearing on your wedding day choices.

Full length mirror faux pas

Who knew that to see yourself in front of full-length mirror on your wedding day was bad luck? We don’t know the origins of this one, but come on, surely you want to check your outfit looks perfect before you walk down the aisle?!

Dates to avoid

Apparently, it is bad luck to marry on a Friday or the 13th of the month. We say if you’ve never had bad luck on these days it will be fine. As a stroke of luck these dates are often available at late notice and can be cheaper – what a bonus!

Remember that this special day is yours and no one else's so whatever you want and however you want it, the ultimate decision is yours. For more wedding tips and tricks keep an eye on our blog for our latest updates to give you inspiration and answer any questions you might have.