There’s something so classic about a wedding dress with long sleeves! Long sleeves on a wedding dress feel elegant and traditional. A timeless touch that has stood strong and latest in wedding dress designs for generations, thanks to its versatility and personalisation. Long-sleeved wedding dresses have been a trend which has been around for years and doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. But many brides have asked the questions, “are long sleeve wedding dresses still in style?” The answer is yes!

Whilst some brides may think that long sleeves feel old fashioned or are only for winter weddings, they can in fact be a modern and trendy addition for your dream wedding dress. Here we look at some of our favourites long sleeve designer dresses for 2023!

One question that you might start asking yourself as bride-to-be, when looking for a long sleeve wedding dress is, “what are the different types of long sleeves you can get?”. Don’t worry, we can answer this for you.

Long Bishop Sleeved Wedding Dress

Bishop sleeves are a timeless and comfortable way to wear a long sleeve wedding dress. Thanks to the loose puffed sleeves, with cinching round the wrist, which creates a regal, whimsical look. Bishop sleeve is often designed in sheer, illusion fabrics such are chiffon for an ethereal, fairy tale appearance and can be worn either attached, draped or as a detachable sleeve style. Kennedy-69806 is a perfect example of a traditional bishop sleeve. The perfect bridal fantasy; soft A-line silhouette, romantic laced bodice, and open corset back. The illusion long sleeves that complete the dreamy gown. If you are looking for something with a less traditional bishop sleeve, why not try Karena-69807 with its stunning off the shoulder bishop sleeves and modern fairly tale style dress. Saylor-69786 with its fairy tale glitter tulle design and open panel back. Or Summer-69762 with its whimsical detachable sheer bishop sleeves, detailed with beading on the cuffs.

69806_052 69806_131

Long Fluted Sleeved Wedding Dress

For a bride who wats to make a statement, why not try a fluted long sleeve wedding dress. Fluted sleeves, also known as trumpet sleeves, are the smaller version of the bell sleeve. Offered seen on more boho wedding dresses, the flute long sleeve fits tight to the upper arm, flaring out at the elbow. A fluted long sleeve wedding dress is a fun way to make a statement with your sleeves. Salma-69778 is a gorgeous example of how you can incorporate a delicate fluted sleeve into your designer wedding dress. The modern dress features a botanical and lace inspired embroidered dress with illusion bodice and delicate laced train. We love the contrast of the sheet illusion plunge neckline and lace flute sleeves. For a more boho destination inspired flute long sleeve, Veni-18558 would be perfect. The sheer sleeves have a fun flare at the wrist, giving that fluted effect, and add a level of boho style to the dress, thanks to its stunning contacting lace and sheer bodice.

69778-4313 69778-4360

Long Cape Sleeved Wedding Dress

One type of long sleeve that many brides might shy away from is the long cape sleeve. But don’t let this almost mythical style of long sleeve scare you. The long cape sleeves are not only a beautiful, showstopping style of wedding sleeves, but also can give your wedding dress more movement, without having to be weighed down. Inspired by Greek mythology and boho freestyle, the long cape sleeves, allow brides to be transported to their own whimsical, fairytale wedding. Ginette-18703 is a soft tulle, boho-inspired wedding dress which incorporates its luxurious long cape sleeve perfectly. The sheer tulle long sleeves, matched with the chinch cross waist and lace bodices, completes this dreamy boho wedding dress. For a more traditional long sleeve cape wedding dress, Greta 18704 with its lace detailed halter neck design and show stopping drop long cape sleeves and Gala-18706, designed with Greek mythological in minds thanks to the pleated wrapped chiffon, thig high split and wide long cape sleeves.   

18703-3203(1) 18703-3400(1)

Long Illusion Lace Sleeved Wedding Dress

Illusion long sleeves have been around for many years, and with good reason. The timeless and elegant sleeves add feminine detail without feeling frumpy or restrictive. The long often lace and net sleeve creates the illusion of bare skin while carrying the beautiful design of sheer long sleeves. This style is sophisticated and timeless, making it a popular choice among many brides. Sarah-69760 is a stunning example of an illusion long sleeve wedding dress. The soft ballgown features a beautiful, beaded lace bodice with an illusion neckline and floating tulle laced skirt. The long-laced illusion sleeves feature romantic botanical lace. For a long illusion lace sleeves dress with a difference, Sina-69755 might be the dream dress. The fully laced illusion bodice, featuring chic beading and sheer long illusion sleeves, is complete with dramatic shoulder pads. Perfect for a bride who wants to make an entrance.

69760-5785(1) 69760-5860(1)

Long Detachable Sleeved Wedding Dress  

For brides who may be indecisive about which kind if dress they would like. Or for a bride who wants to be covered for the ceremony but not the after party, the detachable sleeves is perfect. Detachable sleeves have been a growing trend in bridal fashion over the years. This versatile sleeve style gives you the option of customizability. Detachable long sleeves are a great way to get two looks in one from day to night, or inside to out. Detachable long sleeves can come in many forms, completely deforming a dress. From the classic draped, off-the-shoulder detachable sleeves. Bishop sleeves to puff sleeves, and even classic long illusion sleeves. One of our favourites is Stella-69752. The stunning ballgown features beaded embroidered appliqués cascading down the sweetheart bodice into the show stopping train. The detachable long sleeves with built in shoulder pads have matching appliqués and complete with princess bride dress. If you wants a dress which is a little simpler, Katina-69828 is perfect. The soft strapless chiffon wedding dress is complete with botanical lace appliques on the bodice, decorating the dreamy sweetheart neckline. Stunning detachable long sleeves with botanical appliques adds an extra detail to this whimsical dress.


Simple Long Sleeved Wedding Dress

 While some brides may love a dramatic statement sleeve like Phoebe-18671 or Sierra-69706, others brides may prefer something simple and sophisticated. If you’re not into illusion long sleeves or dramatic fluted sleeves, there are still plenty of simple long sleeve wedding dresses for you to choose from. The subtle style is classic and timeless. A standard long sleeve, all in one fabric, can still be elevated a luxury wedding dress despite the lack of embellishments. Galena-18702 is a perfect example of a minimalist brides who wants a long sleeve wedding dress. Another great example is Fabienne-69651, a timeless off-the-shoulder Mikado wedding dress with minimalistic style sleeves.

18702-4296 18702-4219

  We hope that this blog has given you the inspiration needed, when in the search for perfect long sleeves wedding dress. whether that be a sheer luxury long sleeves or a simple detachable long sleeve. There is a long sleeve for ever bride.

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