If there’s one thing that will never go out of style, it’s laced wedding dresses! Whether you’re looking for intricate detailing, botanical inspired, glittering lace, or you prefer a more simple and striking style; there is a lace dress for everyone.

As you being to shop for you dream wedding dress and decide that you have your heart set on a lace dress, you might need to know the different types you can get. To help you on the laced journey, we have put a list together on the most popular style of lace used in wedding dresses and although not all gowns include lace, most do, so it’s good to know the difference between all the different types of lace wedding dresses. From ultra-romantic ballgowns, to knit lace and whimsical embroidered lace, our lace wedding dresses will have something for every bride and every style!


Alencon Lace Wedding Dress

The classic and traditional Alencon lace has been a timeless option for brides for many years. Originating from Alencon, France, this needlepoint lace looks best with a floral design on a sheer or net background. Additionally, this type of lace, although delicate, can withstand beading and heavy threading, making it a very versatile lace perfect for brides. Alencon lace delicately created in the Symphony-69772  wedding dress. Inspired by Veni’s (the designers) own daughters dress, the chic boho wedding dress perfectly demonstrations the beauty of Alencon lace. For a more modern design, why not try Kathleen 69820 and Priya 18677.

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Romantic Eyelet Lace Wedding Dress

If you are looking for a romantic aesthetics, with bohemian touch, the eyelet lace should be one to look at. The bohemian eyelet lace features small holes, circles, or geometric patterns that channel a vintage boho design that’s unexpectedly modern and chic, unlike other types of lace. The lightweight lace is perfect for a summer wedding thanks to the sheer illusion and breathability. Sami-69761 is a perfect example of romantic eyelet lace. The breath-taking integrate lace detailing the entire dress creates a beautiful boho silhouette. Also check out Francesca-69607 and Dolores-69514 for a alternative eyelet lace wedding dress.  

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Embroidered Lace Wedding Dress

Embroidered lace is an incredibly detailed lace women into a design and places on the wedding dress. To create this unique lace, delicate patterns are tightly stitched onto a sheer or illusion base. This the forms the appearance of lace applique. However, unlike other types of lace, where beading or sequin and sowing into the pattern. For embroidered lace these details are embroidered on a separate tulle layer. This creates depth and dimension on the dress, making it look more luxurious. This method of lace can be found on almost every type of wedding dresses. For fitted fishtails to whimsical A-lines and princess ballgowns. A beautiful modern example for this is the stunning off-the-shoulder Geraldine-18710. This subtle embroidered dress with vine lacing is both whimsical and modern. For a more heavily embroidered dress, why not look at Sunny-69705, and Denita-69571.  

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Lace Appliques Wedding Dress

Lace appliqués are decorative motifs sewn onto an existing fabric, usually strategically scattered throughout the design. These can elevate an already beautiful dress and give a more integrate design. The lace appliqués are placed together beautifully at the bodice and are then cascaded down the skirt and train. These lace appliques are normally highly decorative and can have beaded or sequin detail. A show-stopping example of this is Sadie-69757, with is exquisitely detailed with lace appliques, decorating the entire dress. An example of beaded appliques is Sina-69755 which has heavily beaded and sequins appliques, elevating the dress. For cascading appliques Katalina-69823 is am ideal wedding dress.   

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Soft Knit Lace Wedding Dress

Soft knit lace can only be described as gentle and dreamy, perfect for a summer or destination wedding. Unlike other types of lace, knit lace is much softer and more flexible because it’s not fascinated to tulle, allowing more movement and stretch. This means that whichever wedding dress you choose, weather it be a fitted and flare the soft knit lace will contour to your body perfectly. This type of lace is ideal for a boho or vintage bride. For a fitted fishtail knit lace wedding dress Sevyn-69704 is stunning, modern and chic. The soft fitted dress hugs every curve and create a beautiful figure, making it pefect for a destination wedding.  

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Chantilly Lace Wedding Dress

A true classic laced wedding dress. The Chantilly lace is timeless, romantic, and sophisticated. Made from braided and twisted lengths of thread, typically forming floral details. This type of lace remains popular today for its fine, outline pattern, and abundant detail.


Chantilly lace is used in many of our dresses, as the effortless patterned look both dreamy and timeless for brides. This is the perfect lace and most popular lace for many brides who want a classic yet striking look on their wedding day! a showstopping and fashion forward example of this popular lace is Kimbely-69824 . A beautiful botanical fishtail wedding dress with a dreamy, vined train. The Chantilly lace is perfectly detailed in the entire dress. another great example of this place is the whimsical ballgown Soleil-69707 and the chic timeless Sycamore-69716 detailed with sheer illusion laced sleeves.  

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Beaded Lace Wedding Dress

For brides who want a glamorous sparkle, beaded lace is perfect. The beaded lace is embellished with high-quality beads and crystals, for a modern-yet-vintage look that catches the light at every angle. This is perfect for brides who want to have a fairy-tale shimmer to their wedding dress. Timelessly elegant, beaded lace can be found on countless wedding dresses. The beaded detail can be a sublet touch to accentuate a small detail or can decorate the whole wedding dress, with stunning results. For a fairy-tale dream wedding dress, Stella-69752 is a show stopping example. Dripping in stunning beaded lace detailing the entire dress, this magical ballgown with a whimsical train can only be described as princess perfection. For a more sublet beaded laced wedding dress, Kensington-69810, with its integrant beaded lace detail design contrasting a plain chiffon skirt is divine. Or for a more fashion forward bride Kelsey-69818 is ideal. 

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