The V Neckline

Perhaps one of the most common necklines worn, the V neckline is exactly that. It drops down into a V shape and is flattering for all shapes and sizes. Our example here Claudia (69401) is new for Spring 2019.



Think of this as a two in one neckline! Most commonly featuring a sweetheart or strapless neckline with a piece of sheer fabric, usually lace, tulle or organza which attaches to the bodice, generally from the waist up to create another, higher neckline.  A fabulous and classy neckline that shows just enough skin making it a beautifully modern and conservative gown.


A neckline that is perhaps the most common in the world of bridal gowns is strapless. For a curvaceous bride it will accentuate your curves and for a petite bride it will flaunt your small frame.


Similar to the strapless gown, this neckline dips at the center to give the outline of the top of a heart, hence the ‘sweetheart’ name. More modern designs are now boasting softer curves on this flattering style. 


A halter neckline is great for brides wanting to show off their shoulders. The design usually ties around the back of the neck in some way or another. Derived from the German word for "holder," as in Büstenhalter, which literally means "bust holder" and is equivalent to “brassiere." Making it a remarkable design for all different figures. 


Think of this as the polo neck of wedding dresses. It’s elegant and wonderful for brides looking for a more modest look.


You’re looking at the Meghan Markle neckline of wedding dresses. Its origin is from the French bateau which means boat, perhaps why it is also known as the ‘Boat Neck’. A traditional Bateau neckline will have the same depth in the front as in the back. However, with modern taste influencing wedding dress designs, many gowns with this neckline will have a shallow depth at the front and a much deeper cut in the back. The India (18318) dress from our Victoria Jane collection is a beautiful example.



This neckline is wonderful for a bustier bride as it bodes more support while showcasing her assets. The neckline falls lower than a crew-neck and is similarly rounded at the front creating a ‘U’ shape. 


Much like its name, this neckline falls off the shoulder and like the Bataeu is great for brides looking to showcase their collarbones and shoulders. This is a very sexy look.

Now that you’re well informed about all the various necklines to choose from take a look around our site and use the helpful neckline filters.