Congratulations, you are getting married to your perfect partner! As a bride you will be making a lot of big decisions. Most of these will be with your partner, the venue, the food, entertainment and so much more. But one of the decisions you will make on your our is finding the perfect dream dress.

Now, this can be one of the biggest decisions you make, after saying yes of course. Your wedding is your day were, the spotlight is on you. Whether you’re walking down the aisle, having your first dance as husband and wife, or mingling with all your guests. So, naturally, this important day deserves a dress which will rise to the occasion.  

But picking a right dress can be a challenge, with an ever-growing selection of bridal dresses to choose from, it can quickly become overwhelming. A million questions can start to fly around your head. What is the right fit? What dress suits my silhouette? Ect. So, to help with your decision and to give a little advice, we have written a little guide to help find the perfect bridal silhouette for your big day.  

A-line Wedding Dress

A universal favourite amongst most brides. The A-line silhouette flatters and complements all body types. It remains fitted until the waist from where it flares out into a soft A-shape, hence the name.  often seen as a less dramatic ballgown, A-lines hug you in all the right places is a great choice for pear-shaped or curvy brides. A-lines are also ideal for bigger busted brides, as the volume of the skirt will balance out your upper body.

It can also help a petite bride look taller with its overall slimming effect. They are also easier to wear than a ballgown for a petite bride. The A-line wedding dresses give mor comfort and mobility, and still gives you that soft, beautiful coverage if that’s what you desire.


19006-0198(1) 19006-0441(1)

This elegant A-line wedding dress is perfect for any spring wedding. With a gorgeous sweetheart neckline, feminine beaded lace appliques on the bodice and waist, which cinches in and accentuates the silhouette. The flowing chiffon skirt has great movement. This dress also comes with exquisite detachable lace sleeves and stapes, creating 3 looks in ones, from the ceremony to the after party. Extra boning and support in the bodice cinches the waist and bodice in all the right places creating a gorgeous hourglass figure.


69817_073_cropped 69817_244_cropped

The dazzling style Katia was made for those brides looking for a touch of sparkle. A soft A-line gown with contemporary and stylish bustier bodice and beaded belt detail is perfect for a modern bride, featuring floral lace appliques and cut-out details on the bodice offer a daring bridal style and create a stunning cinched illusion waist. The exquisite sparkle tulle delicately placed under the tulle skirt gives dimension and a sophisticate touch of sparkle for the most glamourous of brides. The low back with cross strap detail accentuates this modern A-line look and leaves a breath-taking back image.


Fishtail Wedding Dress

A silhouette which has become more popular with modern brides; the fishtail or mermaid silhouette contours the body from the chest to the knee and is flared out. The style is known to emphasize the waist and hips rather than narrowing them. This makes the fishtail dress idea of creating the perfect hourglass as it accentuates rather than hides it.

Having volume around your lower body will also help to balance out your beautiful, curvy hips and give a show-stopping end result. While searching for your dream wedding dress, bear in mind what you want to highlight on your figure and what you’d rather not have to think about on your big day. If you love your curves and want to show them off, a clingier gown that hugs in your silhouette, like a fishtail, would be perfect for you.

Kimberly and Alicia

69824_040_cropped (1) 19002-0542(1)

These romantic, bold lace Fishtail wedding dress are perfect for the modern bride. With a contemporary, illusion sweetheart plunge neckline and detachable sleeves. The bold, floral lace creates the perfect botanical, bohemian look, with a show stopping lace train which glides between. There is also extra boning and support in the bodice which sinches in the waist creating a gorgeous and desired hourglass figure.


69819_292_cropped (1) 69819_222_cropped (1)

For the most modern of brides, who desire that hourglass figure and a fishtail dress, Kendra might be the one. Exude glamour and sophistication in this modern feminine fitted dress with stunning cross beaded and feather detail. The modern style of the drop feathers and cross beading oozes modern elegance and creating a jaw dropping silhouette. Perfect for a contemporary bride who wants to stand out from the crowd and have all eyes on them. 

Fit and Flare Wedding Dress

Also known as the trumpet dress, fit and flares are seen as a more contemporary yet timeless silhouette. This style of dress both complements and work for so many figures. A fit and flare gown can create that perfect silhouette that so many brides desire> Hugging your body in all the right places and creating the perfect curves, while also accentuating your smaller areas. Ideal of petti and curvy brides, it has quickly become popular in the wedding seen.

But what makes this style different from a fishtail is the fact that these dresses have less volume and severity in their lower half that flares out. Because of this, they give off a softer, more romantic, more modern feeling but still creates something timeless.


69807_050_cropped(1) 69807_064(1)

For a romantic fairy-tale fit and flare silhouette look no further than this gorgeous glitter tulle wedding dress. With an exquisite floral lace applique bodice which is sure to draw everyone’s attention and sheer bell sleeves. The stunning sequin style looks breath taking in the light, creating a whimsical glow and is perfect for the bride who wants a modern fairy tale look. 


18707-7107(1) 18707-7159(1)

For an effortlessly beautiful fit and flare wedding dress, Gemini is perfect. The Mikado wedding dress is flawless for the most elegant of brides, who wants a timeless dress. With beaded pearl straps and delicate bead belt, which add a stunning sublet detail. This dress is both classic and timeless.

Ballgowns Wedding Dress

What does every bride’s dream of when they think of a princess wedding. Well, a ballgown of course. If you want to glide into your happily ever after, this fairy tale-ready gown is for you. With volume, drama, class, and a timeless feel; the ballgown is a dress of dreams and has been a favourite for many brides over the years.

The ballgown wedding dress consists of a form-fitting, usually sculpted or structured bodice, with a very large skirt and train. This is to help accentuate your waistline and make it look smaller and more defined. Ballgowns also work beautifully for tall brides, as you will elongate your figure without shortening you.


69821_22_042_cropped(2) 69821_22_082(1)

A truly show-stopping wedding dress, our tulle ballgown is perfect for a contemporary and fashion-forward bride, who wants to be the centre of attention. Featuring a 3D floral decorated bodice and ruffled tulle hem, which flows into a gorgeous ruffle train. This dress is perfect for accentuating for waist and making it appear smaller. The strapless sweetheart neckline also helps define the figure, making is the perfect dress from a dramatic bride.


69815_017_cropped(2) 69815_059(2)

A dress ideal for a princess bride, this dreamy tulle ballgown dress with flattering off-the-shoulder sleeve detail, creates a beautiful, fairy-tale silhouette. Featuring exquisite floral lace appliques that decorated the bodice and continue through the skirt and is finished with an elegant tulle train. This style offers the perfect romantic and whimsical bridal style.


19001-0874(1) 19001-1196(1)

A regal and sophisticated off-the-shoulder Mikado ballgown wedding dress that exudes feminine elegance. The sheer luxe botanical bodice is decorated with beaded, lace appliques, which cinches in the waist, and is completed with contrasting Mikado off-the-shoulder neckline. For an extra cinched in affect, Alana has extra boning in the bodice, creating a gorgeous hourglass figure. 

Sheath Wedding Dress

The elegance of a sheath wedding dress offers a streamlined silhouette that follows the body’s natural curves. Sheath dresses normally will slightly hug the hips, while fitting looser throughout the bodice and legs. This silhouette is perfect if you would like to skip the full princess skirt and instead go for minimalistic chic design.

It’s a sophisticated, simplistic alternative to the extravagant ballgown or exenterated fishtails. Sheath dresses are all about the fit. You’ll want the material to feel smooth and comfortable on your skin, without it being restricting. We would recommend practicing walking, sitting, and raising your arms when trying on different designs to ensure that you have enough room move comfortably on your wedding day and feel your best self.


18711-10102(1) 18711-10106(1)

For a sleek and contemporary fitted crepe gown with minimalistic lace detail on the waist band and high neckline. The unique racer back detail is perfect for the bride looking for an alternative modern bridal style. The beautiful detachable chiffon train finished with a delicate bow completes this modern sneath wedding dress.


18714-6280(1) 18714-6366(1)

This romantic crepe wedding dress with V-neckline is ideal for the modern, modest brides. The long sleeves decorated with lace which continues throughout the back of the dress and train, gives a beautiful and delicate design. Perfect for a modern romantic looking for an effortlessly stunning and chic dress. 

One of the biggest tips we can give are to try one as many different bridal styles as you can. Try going out your comfort zone a little bit as it might surprise you. This will also help to clear all the doubts that you do have the right silhouette and walk down the aisle confidently, knowing you are in your dream wedding dress.

We hope that this blog has given you the inspiration needed, when in the search for your luxery wedding dress.

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