Dearest Gentle Readers

If you're anything like us, you're likely completely swept up in the Bridgerton craze, which has been gracing our screen this summer. With dramatic storylines, steamy romances, and opulent ballrooms gracing our screens, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this period drama.

Now that season three has finally been released on Netflix, after much anticipation, we can’t get enough of the new romance which is blossoming between the Colin and Penelope.

After seeing what is now the ‘wedding of the season’ we thought that we would look back at our own style to help you find your very own Bridgeton wedding dress and explore a little bit more into the style on the show.

"Bridgerton’s" wedding dresses are inspired by the Regency-era styles, which typically consists of a fitted corset style bodice and A-line skirt with a ruff cap sleeve. These dresses embody the elegance, sophistication, and romance of early 19th-century fashion.

Here are some detailed elements that characterize Bridgerton-inspired wedding dresses which you can incorporate into your own wedding day look and become the diamond of the season:

Key Elements of Bridgerton Wedding Dresses

  1. Empire Waistlines:

High waistlines just below the bust, which creates a long, flowing silhouette that is both graceful and flattering. This style was faltering for most body shapes as it allowed the dress to drop down and create the illusion of a smaller waist.

  1. Delicate Fabrics:

Light and airy materials like silk, chiffon, tulle, and organza were often as they create a more princess theme which elegantly guilds behind rather than weighting the dress down. These fabrics lend a romantic and ethereal quality to the dresses.

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  1. Intricate Embroidery and Lace:

Detailed embroidery with floral or vine motifs, create a botanical romance perfect for an English garden wedding. The use of lace for added texture and elegance, often seen in sleeves, bodices, and overlays like Ziazan and Zaynab.

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  1. Square and Scoop Necklines:

Classic square or scoop necklines that frame the décolletage elegantly. Sometimes adorned with lace or delicate trim, these necklines allow the dress to feel feminism and timeless, and is a perfect neckline all body types and ages.

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  1. Puff and Cap Sleeves:

Soft, puffed sleeves like Zulalica or delicate cap like Keahi and Kiara sleeves that add a historical touch and make the dresses look more princess style. Sometimes combined with sheer fabrics for a lighter look and modest cover-up.

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  1. A-Line and Flowing Skirts:

An easy drop-down skirt that flow gracefully from the empire waist. Often A-line or slightly fuller to allow for movement and a dreamy appearance. Dresses like Zolia, and Kayla.  

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  1. Pastel and Neutral Tones:

Soft pastel colours like blush, light blue, and lavender, as well as classic bridal whites and ivory are all perfect to achieve the Bridgeton look. These colours reflect the gentle and romantic palette of the Regency era. Dresses like Yashi, Zalia, Yula all have the perfect hue for a Bridgton wedding.   

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  1. Bodice Details:

Fitted bodices with intricate details like beading, sequins, and embroidery. Often features delicate buttons or hidden closures for a seamless look.

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Exploring these options and understanding the key elements of Bridgerton-inspired wedding dresses will help you find or create the perfect gown that exudes the charm and romance of the Regency era, and find your perfect match for love.