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January 2019

Which Neckline is for You?

Ronald Joyce Blog Cover (5).pngComing back into the world of weddings after the festive break is fantastic, hearing all the stories of Christmas and New Year proposals and excited brides-to-be with their ideas of style and theme. The world of wedding dresses can however be daunting to a bride-to-be if it’s something they’ve never thought about and they don’t realise how many styles, fabrics and different options there are. We’ve tried to help with our recent series of blogs to help give guidance and this time we are talking about necklines…

By Lucinda Jenkins


What's your Ultimate Bridal Style?

Ronald Joyce Blog Cover (6).png

A bride wearing her perfect fitting gown will feel gorgeous and confident and that’s exactly what we wish for every Ronald Joyce bride. We want to help you find your perfect gown that will encapsulate your personality, style and make you feel your best for your special day. Luckily for you, Ronald Joyce has you covered with an array of styles and hues to choose from, you really can’t go wrong!

Wondering which style is for you? Here’s a glimpse into a few…have a read and see which gown makes your heart skip a beat.

by Lucinda Jenkins

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