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June 2024

Introducing the Sicilian Sunset collection

RJ Blog Cover (1)(5)Our highly anticipated 'Sicilian Sunset' collection has officially launched and we couldn't be more excited!!

In this collection out award-winning designer Veni Infantino has gone back and decided to showcase her Italian roots with an incredible new look for her Autumn/Winter collection, featuring showstopping designs, all captured within the romantic glow of the Sicilian sun.

Bride To Be Wedding Dress Bridal Fashion Styling

How to dress like a Bridgerton on your wedding day

RJ Blog Cover (2)(8)Dearest Gentle Readers, If you're anything like us, you're likely completely swept up in the Bridgerton craze, which has been gracing our screen this summer. With dramatic storylines, steamy romances, and opulent ballrooms gracing our screens, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this period drama. In this blog we will explore the elements that are needed to create your own diamond of the season wedding dress.  

Bride To Be Wedding Dress Bridal Fashion Styling
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