You’ve got the perfect dress, the perfect venue, the perfect partner. Everything went smoothly. The weather was ideal, everyone looked great, and you wouldn’t change anything. The day went so fast, so you are your partner feel like looking back at all your wedding photos. That’s when, to your shock you see that the photos have not turned out the way you wanted, missing most of the little moments you wanted capturing. Your vision of your wedding photos has been completely missed.  

Professional wedding photographers are responsible for capturing all the best shots at a wedding ceremony. One of the most significant investments you will make for your wedding day is your wedding photos. From your wedding dress reveal to your first kiss and cutting the cake. Roanld Joyce wants you to get the most from wedding photos, so to help you we’ve put together a guide to help you create the best wedding photos possible.

Firstly after listening to many of our real brides we think these are the must have images to look back one.

  • Your morning preparations

The morning of your wedding day is a really special time: the excitement, the anticipation, and perhaps a touch of nerves. It’s a really lovely part of the day to capture, in fact some of our favourite images are taken during this part of the day. The wedding dress hanging up whist getting ready is a real favourite of ours.  Check out Megan and Toms wedding for inspirations.

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  • The first look

It’s worth considering where and how you want to see your partner for the first time on the morning of your wedding day. Some couples choose to get ready together, which can be really romantic and sweet. Others choose to get ready separately and have a ‘first look’ moment, when you see each other in your wedding finery for the first time. Now this can be at the ceremony as you walk down the aisle, or this can be a very intermate that you have together before you see everyone else. Have a look at Pipa and Ross


  • The ceremony

Now this is one of the big ones to capture. The main entrance when everyone can see you. If you will be walking down an aisle, we suggest that you allow a good amount of space between your bridal party and yourself so that they don’t obscure your big entrance! This is a good opportunity to get images of not only your entrance and the dress but also your guests. Check out Dawn and Chris entrance. 

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  • Your first kiss

One of the most importance images to capture. The ‘first kiss’ that you exchange as newly-weds is one of the iconic moments of any wedding ceremony. Check out Candice and Antony for inspiration. 

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Top tip for this moment

Ask your celebrant or officiant steps aside just before they announce the first kiss. This allows your photographer to capture a beautiful shot of your first smooch, without having a head peeking-out from between you. Most celebrants are conscious of this, but depending on the particular setting it is worth mentioning just in case.


  • Group portraits

We know that parents and grandparents love a nice group photograph. These are the ones that often end-up framed on their mantlepiece or hanger on the family wall. We suggest limiting the number of different group permutations to a maximum of six. Find inspiration with Laura and Sam


  • Couple’s portraits

This can be a lovely moment for couples to be able to take time out of their hectic wedding day, to pause, take a breather, enjoy that ‘just married’ feeling with their partner, allowing a quiet moment together.

Post-Ceremony is also a beautiful time to capture you at your natural, happy, most connected, and loved-up selves and can create your favourite images. Check out all of our real brides

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  • Speeches and dancing

It’s really worth thinking about lighting for your meal and any dancing that follows. If the venue is too dark, your photographer will need to use a flash. While this can produce exciting images during dancing, it may wash people out during meals and speeches. Alex and Luke images are perfect for this.


  • First dance

Lighting is everything when it comes to your first dance. Speak with your venue regarding options:

ideally, having the two of you picked-out in a white/cream spotlights or hanging festoon lights is great; multi-coloured ‘disco’ lights will affect the colour of skin tones. So, if you don’t want magenta or turquoise skin in your ‘first dance’ photos, it’s worth saving these for late. Have a look at Charlene and Chirs’s first dance.  


Capturing the perfect wedding photos requires careful planning and attention to detail. Here are a check list of top tips to help you achieve stunning and memorable wedding photos:

  1. Pre-Wedding Consultation: Meet with your photographer before the big day to discuss your ideas, preferred poses, must-have shots, and any special moments you want captured.
  2. Scout Locations: Research and visit potential photo locations around your venue. Look for spots with good lighting, interesting backgrounds, and that reflect your personalities.
  3. Consider the Lighting: Natural light is your best friend for beautiful photos. Schedule outdoor shoots during the "golden hour" (early morning or late afternoon) for soft and warm lighting.
  4. Create a Shot List: Prepare a shot list with all the important moments you want captured, such as getting ready, first look, ceremony, family portraits, and more. Share this with your photographer.
  5. Include Details: Ensure your photographer captures the intricate details that make your day unique, such as the dress, rings, flowers, table settings, and decorations.
  6. Candid Moments: Some of the most memorable shots come from candid moments. Encourage your photographer to capture natural interactions and emotions.
  7. Engage with Your Surroundings: Incorporate the wedding venue's architecture, landscape, and décor into your photos for added depth and character.
  8. Coordinate with Your Wedding Party: Make sure everyone is aware of the photo schedule and knows where they need to be for various shots.
  9. First Look Session: Consider having a private first look session before the ceremony. This intimate moment can yield some of the most emotional and authentic photos.
  10. Include Loved Ones: Capture moments with your friends, family, and loved ones. Candid interactions with guests can create heartwarming memories.
  11. Embrace Unconventional Shots: Don't be afraid to try unique angles, compositions, and poses that reflect your personalities and the overall vibe of the wedding.
  12. Weather Contingency: Have a backup plan for outdoor shoots in case of bad weather. This might include indoor locations with good lighting or some creative umbrella shots.
  13. Stay Relaxed and Natural: Relax, be yourself, and let your photographer guide you. Natural, unposed shots often result in the most genuine and beautiful photos.
  14. Editing and Post-Processing: Discuss your preferred editing style with your photographer. Subtle enhancements can elevate your photos while maintaining their authenticity.
  15. Capture the Reception: Remember to capture the energy and joy of the reception, including the first dance, toasts, cake cutting, and dancing.
  16. Share Your Vision: Share any mood boards, Pinterest boards, or reference photos with your photographer to ensure they understand your desired aesthetic.
  17. Be Patient and Flexible: Wedding days can be hectic. Stay patient and flexible if there are unexpected delays or changes to the schedule.

Remember, the perfect wedding photos are those that capture the love and joy of the day. Enjoy the process, cherish the moments, and trust your photographer to create lasting memories of your wedding day.  

Another little thing to remember when thinking about photos is your wedding dress. this about the material and how it will look in different lighting and with flash. Satin and Mikado will look different in bright light and may reflect a little compared to Tulle and Chiffon.

One of the biggest tips we can give about getting the perfect wedding photos are to plan your vision and don’t have any regrets. Small tip also is giving your phones to the maid of honour and best man, let them capture the day through their eyes so it’s a little something to look back on.

We hope that this blog has given you the inspiration needed.

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