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What are the Traditional Wedding trends that we still use today?

RJ Blog Cover (3)(5)Traditional wedding trends have a remarkable way of enduring through time, even as new trends emerge and evolve. Many of these customs have deep roots in history and continue to be cherished parts of wedding celebrations around the world today. But why do we do them and what do they mean. 

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The Blushing Brides

RJ Blog Cover (2)(7) Pink is quickly becoming the new Ivory! Every wedding season brings contemporary trends and styles that captivate brides and fashion enthusiasts. Stepping away from tradition, a new trend has emerged for Veni Infantino for Ronald Joyce, Pink becoming the new Ivory! This romantic trend will take the bridal industry by storm.

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Celebrity wedding dresses

RJ Blog Cover (1)(4)In honour of woman’s history month and Veni Infantino for Ronald Joyce’s love of wedding dresses, we have decided to look back on some of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time, and hopefully give our brides of tips one how to get married like the rich and famous.

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Georgina and Liam: Real bride Story

RJ Blog Cover (16)(2)After finding the perfect venue, the perfect dress, and the perfect husband! Georgina couldn’t wait to get married. Read all about their special day here.



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What are the different types of lacing in wedding dresses?

RJ Blog Cover (2)(4)If there’s one thing that will never go out of style, it’s laced wedding dresses! Whether you’re looking for intricate detailing, botanical inspired, glittering lace, or you prefer a more simple and striking style; there is a lace dress for everyone.

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Wedding Trend 2023- Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses

RJ Blog Cover (1)(3)Whilst some brides may think that long sleeves feel old fashioned or are only for winter weddings, they can in fact be a modern and trendy addition for your dream wedding dress. Here we look at some of our favourites long sleeve designer dresses for 2023!

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Romantic Wedding Style

romantic-wedding-styleIt's no secret that every bride wants their big day to be filled with romance. Imagining themselves walking down the aisle, to their true love, with all their friends and family around them; like a fairy-tale. 

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Something Blue Inspiration

RJ Blog Cover - 2022-12-06T132451.316Some brides can find it hard to incorporate something blue into theme wedding, especially if it does not fit their theme or clashes with the dress. Other may wants to have something which is a little different for the traditional blue item, like a garter belt. Luckily, there are ways around the traditional blue statement, and these can be very creative, and give new meaning to ‘something blue.’

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Hottest Wedding Floral Trends for 2023

RJ Blog Cover - 2022-10-21T134740.513(1)One if the items which most brides forget about when planning their wedding are the flowers. Floral displays can play a big part in any wedding and we have found the hottest floral trends to help you decide.

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What to Do with Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding

RJ Blog Cover (33)You found the one, said “I do”, wore your dream dress and ordered the photographs. With the honeymoon over and presents unwrapped, there’s one thing left to do - decide what to do with your wedding dress after your wedding.

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Wedding Superstitions

Ronald Joyce Blog Cover (14).pngThere are so many old wives’ tales surrounding weddings. Jealousy, evil spirits and bad omens to name a few. We say not to worry about these at all, but they are quite interesting, so let’s take a look…



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Bridal Traditions Told

Ronald Joyce Blog Cover(1).pngHave you ever wondered where all the traditions and sayings for a brides wedding day come from? We did too! So, we did a big of digging and figured if we wanted to know…you might do too! From the cake cutting to the throwing of confetti we bring you a breakdown of the symbolism, where they came from and what they mean.

By Lucinda Jenkins 



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