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Bridal Traditions Told

Ronald Joyce Blog Cover(1).pngHave you ever wondered where all the traditions and sayings for a brides wedding day come from? We did too! So, we did a big of digging and figured if we wanted to know…you might do too! From the cake cutting to the throwing of confetti we bring you a breakdown of the symbolism, where they came from and what they mean.

By Lucinda Jenkins 




Top Tips for Mother of the Bride

MoBCover.pngTraditionally the Mother of the Bride would have planned the wedding that she wanted for her daughter. This was mainly because the parents of the bride traditionally paid for the wedding, but this is now not always the case. 

Traditions Mother Of The Bride Wedding Tips

Wedding Superstitions

Ronald Joyce Blog Cover (14).pngThere are so many old wives’ tales surrounding weddings. Jealousy, evil spirits and bad omens to name a few. We say not to worry about these at all, but they are quite interesting, so let’s take a look…



Traditions Bride To Be
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